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Rock Constantine (standard:drama, 590 words)
Author: Satyen BoseAdded: Nov 09 2001Views/Reads: 3326/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Story of Rock Constantine

Rock Constantine 

Recently, we moved into a new house in the countryside. Unlike in the
city, the houses were pretty far apart. You could shout at the top of 
your voice and your neighbor would hardly hear you. The Constantine 
family was our neighbors. Jack Constantine went to school with me. We 
attended V grade together. I had to go past the Constantine’s house to 
go to the school. There, Jack joined me and we biked our way to the 
school. Everyday, Mrs. Constantine would wave us as we started to the 
school. Mr. Constantine would sometimes wish me when he was out 
gardening. Since I was new to the place, Jack took me along to play and 
have fun. Sometimes, Mr. Constantine drove us to the school and my dad 
would pick us up after the school. Slowly our families got closer and 
we used to party together. A few months later, Jack told me that he had 
a younger brother Rock who was mentally retarded and was at a rehab 
center undergoing treatment. He also told me that Rock would return 
home to stay with the rest of the family. That very next week, Mr. 
Constantine brought Rock from the rehab center. Rock was literally a 
rock weighing roughly 180 pounds and was using a wheel chair because he 
broke his knee in a fight at the rehab. Virtually, none but Mr. 
Constantine could hold Rock if he misbehaved. This thought was always 
in the back of my mind. So I hardly used to say a word to Rock. As 
weeks passed by, Rock gained more weight become more immobile. Mrs. 
Constantine was stronger at heart than she physically was. She 
frequently had trouble with Rock. Sometimes I could hear Rock shouting 
at his mother and Mr. Constantine trying to calm down Rock. Personally, 
I considered Rock well behaved for what he was. He never troubled his 
parents when I was at their home. He just sat in the corner of the 
house glancing out of the window and now and then checking to see if I 
was still around. Our families hardly went out partying after Rock 
arrived. Few weeks later, Rock’s knee was set right and he was 
undergoing training to walk at the local physiotherapist’s office. At 
home, Rock always used the wheel chair even though he could walk. He 
liked going around in it. Mrs. Constantine had to do everything she did 
when Rock as unable to walk including the clean up. Jack never 
complained about Rock since Mr. Constantine explained to him why he was 
supposed to tolerate the behavior of his younger brother. As days 
passed by, Mrs. Constantine was becoming weaker serving Rock’s duties. 
She fell ill frequently and was hospitalized once. Now, it was time for 
Mr. Constantine to think about sending Rock back to the rehab. He made 
a few trips to the city and finally found a good rehab center for Rock. 
The warden of the rehab center came to the Constantine home a week 
before admission to see Rock. As usual, Rock was calm and quiet in the 
presence of the warden. The warden did his formal procedures and left. 
For that whole week, Rock never troubled his mother. In-turn Mrs. 
Constantine had good time with her son. The following Monday, I went to 
jack’s home right when Rock was leaving for the rehab. Tears rolled 
down the cheeks of the huge boy. Mrs. Constantine broke into tears as 
Mr. Constantine drove away in the car. 



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