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An Animal That Makes A Difference In My Life (standard:non fiction, 556 words)
Author: JugheadAdded: Mar 25 2002Views/Reads: 3268/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Animals can become the best friends of us too!

Molly became our family member when I was eight. She was just a petite
several months old Pomeranian then. We bought her from a nurse that mom 
had known for many years. The moment she became part of our family, 
everybody took font of her. That might be because of her soft fur, 
which was a combination of brown and white. 

Of course, Manis, our poodle, which had been around for about a year,
did no like Molly's presence. She felt that there was a new competitor 
in getting our attention and cuddling. Whenever both of them were 
released out from heir cages (they lived in separate cages), they would 
be growling at each other and if we did not part them, a ‘war' would 
break out. 

I admit that every single one of our family members discriminated
against Manis. Even though she had been trained to bark at strangers, 
our effort went futile. Furthermore, Molly learnt to do the same thing 
as Manis in a few weeks' time. Molly also had a tactic to lure our 
hearts. She would take the opportunity to sit on our lap when we were 
sitting on the floor. Indeed, we could tell from Manis' behavior that 
she began to feel inferior. 

One night, I wanted to get a drink from the dining room, which was
located down stair. Suddenly, I heard a strange sound coming out from 
our television room. I approached the room, fearing that a big rat 
might be loitering in it to damage our things. To my surprise, in the 
middle of the darkness, I saw a pair of luminous eyes gazing at me. 
Those eyes belonged to Molly! I was astonished for we always locked the 
puppies' cages at night. I went towards her stealthily, hands reaching 
out to her small body and quickly retrieved her back to her cage. I 
told my family members about it the next day and nobody believed me 
because in their knowledge, Molly had not learnt how to climb the 
stairs. However, they took my words and began tying a knot around the 
cage door since then. 

Three years later, I was sent by my parents to Singapore to further my
study. I was miserable because I would not be able to see her again 
till the following year. I can still remember her gaze when I brought 
my luggage to the garage, passing by her cage. Her big round eyes 
looked sad and she did not give me a friendly bark at all. I was 
certain that if she could talk, she would have said a lot of things to 

Nine months later, I received a phone call from my mom. Molly had died
in her sleep. She had eaten very little since the day I went away. I 
did not weep, but my heart ached. She had made a difference in my life 
and now she had gone forever. According to my mom, Manis had gone quiet 
for the rest of the day. She had mourned over her so-called enemy's 

Molly has gone for more than six years now, but she is still close to my
heart. Whenever I see a stranger's Pomeranian passing by, I will caress 
its fur and involuntarily refer it as Molly, an animal which makes an 
impact to my life. 


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