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The Plains of Beronima (standard:fantasy, 890 words)
Author: TimAdded: Apr 26 2002Views/Reads: 3247/2084Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A compilation of different accounts about the final battle of good versus evil. Includes views of both good and evil characters.

Note to Readers: "The Plains of Beronima" is a compilation of accounts
by different scholars and writers of both good and evil. Over time, its 
order has been confused and much of it is out of order. Enjoy! 

"Defeating the last of all evil, Peridan raised his sword for the final
blow. Rain pelted the beast and lightning flashed in the distance. 
There was a smell of sulfur surrounding the two warriors as man and 
monster watched the epic duel. Then, as the sword was raised, 
pearly-white streaks of lighting struck the upheld sword that Peridan 
grasped. Immediately, he involuntarily threw the sword in the air and 
fell to the ground. Peridan fell, the hero of all good fell. His loyal 
army around him moved back. His sword continued to spin in the air and 
began to descend. 

"The deadly beast rose from his bloody pool slowly and surveyed his
dieing foe. He slowly smiled and began chuckling gently. 

"Peridan's sword continued to fall. 

"The monster above master Peridan looked upward and saw the blade. It
scrambled to get out of the way but it was weakened from the battle and 
was hit. It pierced his skull and continued straight through into 
Peridan's chest and their blood mixed again. The same reaction began 
again and the thing cringed in pain. 

"The sword had locked the two together and suddenly light beams pierced
the dark clouds above. The brilliant white light engulfed Peridan and 
the great evil. It was so bright that our people could not look upon 
it. When the light ceased, there they stood. The two greatest evils, 
encased in stone upon the a small hill in the plains of Beronima. A 
final reminder to the world of the 'Final Battle' as it was called 

"The two armies departed from eachother without a word. Only the
occasional clinking of armor and the continuous pelt of rain could be 
hear as they continued to their respective homes." 

**This ends the account of Pymbal 

"The battle raged and great warriors fell to their doom by arrows and
swords. Monsters and beasts killed men by tooth and claw as men killed 
monsters by sword and arrow. Good and evil fought for control of the 

"The day was ugly as the rain turned the Plains of Beronima into a dark
mud. Soon the mud was turning a certain shade of read as blood spilled 
and mixed with it. 

"It was looking bleak when reinforcements arrived for the evil side.
Dragons and awful ogres came running and shouting at our men. We were 
then outnumbered and many of our men turned tail and ran, never to be 
seen again. It was surely a loss until arrows flew from Elvish hands 
and the scales of war evened out." 

***This ends the account of Scion 

"The bright arrow was seen clearly in the sky and my Lord and Master,
Peridan, gave the signal to attack. He led a vast regiment of heavy 
calvary and Peridan himself was at least 40 yards in head of all of all 
of them as he drove straight into the lizardmen. During the charge, 
many fell to the foul poison-tipped arrows. 

"Peridan killed the leaders first. The champions of the lizardmen war
party. The confused and leaderless lizards inflicted barely a scratch 
on our awesome leader and by that time the rest of his calvary had 

"I chanced a look into a lizard champion and I regret it to this day. He
was obviously filled with blood-lust and was an awesome fighter. Some 
of our best fighters fell to his foul blades. 

"Peridan bravely challenged him and the lizard accepted with an evil
grin spreading across his face. The fight lasted for what seemed like 
hours. Never had I been so worried." 

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