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Kindness Is All Around (standard:non fiction, 535 words)
Author: JugheadAdded: May 12 2002Views/Reads: 3322/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Just wanna tell you about my experience...

A few months ago, I rummaged through my wardrobe and found my
ex-hostelmate's Esprit short pants. Since she had gone to another 
country, I decided to take the opportunity to try them out. They fit me 
perfectly. I slotted my hand into one of the small pockets and 
discovered three crisp notes of twenty-five dollars. Having the 
responsibility of informing this matter to the owner, I sent a message 
to the girl through my cell phone. The girl made a wise decision--the 
short pants would be mine, but the money would go to charity. 

Three months had passed and the money was still kept in my drawer. I did
not mean to be dishonest, but I had full schedules during the weekends, 
my only spare time. I was pretty glad to finally get my Saturday 
afternoon free this time and off I went to one of the most crowded 
shopping areas in my city. 

There were several high school students on the road, carrying tins with
holes in the centre, imploring the pedestrians to donate any sum of 
money for the organisation they represented. As expected, few people 
donated, including me. Suddenly, the thought of my agreement with my 
ex-hostelmate struck me. I realised that there was no need to delay any 
further. I had to let my twenty-five dollars go. (I did not bring my 
hostelmate's money anyway) 

My first few stops were of course to the places where the high school
students stationed themselves. I donated five dollars to three of them. 
I sacrificed another ten bucks to a street singer who had been 
performing his job for as long as I could remember. He deserved the 
money, for his talent in music was palpable (he was a blind middle age 
man. He sang, with fingers on the keyboard and left leg drumming the 
tambourine at the same time. The songs that he played were popular 

Now, with the last ten dollars clutched tightly with my hand, I was
petrified. I had to let the money go, but who should it go to? I 
continued walking, hoping to spot anybody who needed it badly. I almost 
reached the bus stop, where I wanted to board the bus home. Finally, I 
saw an old man sitting on the concrete floor of the underpass. Equipped 
with a rugged bag and several packets of tissue papers, neither did he 
try to hail anybody to buy his goods, nor look up. Curiosity overcame 
me and I approached him. He stared at me blankly, a hand stretching 
over with a few packets of tissue papers. When I finally got a good 
look at him, I finally realised that he had only one leg. Without 
futher consideration, I gave him the last ten dollars. Despite the 
man's urge to take more packets, I only took one. I walked towards the 
bus stop with gladness. I had killed a bird with two stones. Not only 
had I be able to accomplish my task of the day, but also learnt a 
lesson-- there is nothing to stop us from doing kind things. It is up 
to us to make a difference. Hope that you will feel the same way too!


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