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a day that changed my life (standard:drama, 396 words)
Author: beautifulAdded: Aug 14 2002Views/Reads: 4007/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
a young girls dream of going to college turned tragic on that foggy night

One day trina was at and the senior class was talking aboutwhat colleges
they were going to.Trina said that she was going to go to princeton. 
Herre best friend shana wanted to go with after sthe day was through 
Shana and Trina went to the library to submit therre acceptance letters 
to princeton over the interenet.After submiting therre letters they 
went out to grab a bite so they could go home and change for the party 
that night .Trina  took Shana home so she could change. 

Trina went home and aked her mom can she go to the party after she
changed she went back to Shana's house  to scoop her up. So they were 
on there way to the party but first  they had to pick up there 
boyfriends . They picked them and they were on there way to the party. 
When they arrived there were already about 100 people there . They 
didnt mindthey just got on the dance floor and started dancing .There 
boy friends went and got them a drink while Trina and Shana talked . 

When the party was over they went to club Nitro where there was an all
night after party for the seniors.They at least partyed to at least 
12:00 when they decided to go home. Trina decided to take the highway 
home since it was the quickest way. What they didn't know was that the 
quickest wasn't all ways the best. They proceded to drive they cranked 
up the music loud. They put on there Jarule and Ashanti. They were 
almost to there exit when the car besides them started to swurve in and 
out of the lane  . 

That car hit the wall and and spunn around and landed face first in
front of on comming traffic . Right in front of Trinas car . No one in 
the car was paying attention to what was really going and Trina hit the 
carhead on. All the people in the car were kilt instantly from the 
shock. Later on that evening Trina and Shanas parents got disturbing 
phonecalls about there Babygirls . Also there boyfriends parents go the 
same phone call . What was suppose d to be a celebration turned into a 

They were supposed to be planning for college now they were planning for
four funeral There parents have never been the same.


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