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Dragon Ball EW (extreme warriors): Great Warriors of the past (standard:Fan Fiction, 1865 words)
Author: LG 218Added: Nov 08 2002Views/Reads: 5471/2919Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
this story is a story about Pan,Goku's grand daughter telling her grandson (Goku Jr.)and his best friend (Vegeta Jr.) about their great great grandfathers. This is based on the dragon ball series. Both kids and adults watch these cartoons. this story isnt

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seconds, she remembered stories about Trunks. 

“When I was just a kid, your great grandpa Trunks and Goku traveled the
universe getting the black star dragon balls. The three of us traveled 
in a spaceship from planet to planet. We met some evil people, as well 
as some good ones. And also, Goku told me stories of Trunks coming from 
Goku's future to help him and his friends beat the evil androids that 
were coming two years in advance. Trunks had unbelievably power. His 
royal blood made him so strong.” “Great grandpa Trunks is strong 
because of his royal blood... so that would mean I'm strong because of 
my royal blood too?” Vegeta Jr. asked. 

“That's correct!” Pan winked at Vegeta Jr. 

“How come I see great grandpa Trunks, and not great grandma Bra?” Vegeta

“Yeah and what about grandpa Clayton? And great great grandpa's friend
Krilyn?” asked Goku Jr. Pan put her head down for a second in sorrow. 

“There's no point of lying to you two, so I'll just tell you the truth.
About 100 years ago, when you two weren't even babies yet, there was a 
great battle. There were two androids that somehow survived. Instead of 
numbers, their names were Hammer and Diva. Hammer was the shape of a 
man, and Diva was the shape of a woman. They both had information of 
the great fighters of the earth. They knew how to do the kamehameha 
wave, the destructo disk and also their own move called the Freezie. It 
freezes someone for ten seconds. Gohan, Goten, Trunks and even Krilyn 
fought long and hard. They thought, if only Goku was still there they 
probably wouldn't have a hard time. The three of them did a triple 
kamehameha wave on Hammer. Krilyn was one of the strongest full humans 
I've ever seen! Even at an old age for a human, he still had one last 
kamehameha wave in him. Gohan and Goten blasted a powerful kamehameha 
wave, sweating, practically begging for more power. Luckily Krilyn was 
there. He told them he had felt bad about not being much help to Goku 
when he was still with them. So he felt he'd make up for it by helping 
them beat Hammer. He stood right next to Goten as he fired his 
kamehameha wave with Gohan and Goten. Hammer almost got out of the 
triple kamehameha wave blasting his own stronger kamehameha wave. For a 
while, it seemed like Hammer's single kamehameha wave was stronger than 
the triple kamehameha wave. 

But... then Trunks showed up and came up behind Hammer and sliced him to
pieces with his mighty sword when he wasn't looking. Diva was still 
alive though. She fired a power beam at Goten, but Krilyn remembered 
all those times when his friend Goku saved him, so he thought he'd owe 
Goku a favor and got in the way of the power beam to Goten, and sadly, 
he died: giving away his life so that Goten could live on. Right before 
Krilyn died, he told Goten, ‘I'm old anyways, I was bound to die soon 
anyways. Live Goten. Live.'Seeing that, Gohan and Goten were weak after 
spending most of their energy on their kamehameha, Diva used her 
levitation power to throw rocks at the two half saiyans. Since Gohan 
lacked training, he was a bit too slow to dodge all the rocks. But 
since Goten continued training he was fast enough to dodge every single 
one. At least until he got tired anyways. ‘I can't hit a girl,' he 
said. Then someone, some great warrior used a golden ring that squeezed 
Diva's entire body together. 

“I know you two won't hit a girl! Your feelings will stop you! THAT
makes you weak!” It was Vegeta! He used the golden ring attack that 
only royal blooded saiyans can do. Vegeta was at super saiyan 2 stage 
at the time. Bulma died from a heart attack, so he had no one to help 
him go super saiyan 4 stage. Vegeta blasted his garlic shot making her 
fall to the ground face first. Gohan's energy was gone lying helplessly 
on the ground. Goten didn't know what to do, since his mother Chi-Chi 
told him not to hit girls. It was all up to the great saiyan prince to 
save the planet. Vegeta was going to finish her off with a two handed 
attack, but after a minute of struggle she managed to get out of the 
royal ring and then upper cutted Vegeta to the face. Goten flew back 
home wondering what to do since the enemy was a female. Trunks still 
had most of his energy in him. He didn't care the enemy was a female. 
He only cared that his father was getting beat up. Trunks blasted his 
own power beam at Diva, yet she reflected it right back at him, causing 
Trunks to lay unconscious. ‘Stay out of this Trunks!' Vegeta told his 
son. Luckily Vegeta saw a senzu bean three feet away. He needed just a 
few seconds, but he knew Diva wouldn't let him just do whatever he 
wanted. He needed a plan. That's when he swallowed his pride and used a 
move he saw Tien do when he was alive. Tien and Yamcha both died of 
deadly virus that had went on. ‘Solar flare!' Vegeta said as he used 
the suns light to blind Diva for a few seconds, and then Vegeta quickly 
popped the senzu bean in his mouth. After ruthless quick punches and 
kicks from both the saiyan prince and the destructive android, Vegeta 
realized they were both equal, and the battle would go on forever if he 
didn't have a plan. He suddenly saw his son Trunks on the ground 
unconscious. He could sense his son was still alive. A tear dropped 
from Vegeta's eye. ‘Trunks, without Bulma, you're the only family I 
have left. Live my son. Continue your life. This... I do for you,' he 
said to his son. Vegeta then teleported right behind Diva and grabbed 
her by the shoulders. ‘Good-bye my son!' he said as he sacrificed 
himself blowing himself up, just like he did against Majin Buu. He knew 
it was the only way to keep his son alive. Trunks woke up, instantly 
knowing what his father was doing. He tried to beg his father not to 
sacrifice himself but it was no use. He realized the only thing to do 
was to respect his fathers wishes and live. He quickly teleported to 
Goten's house.” 

“What about great great grandpa Satan?” Goku Jr. asked. 

“He died in his sleep. He must have died from old age. He was the one
who told me what happened in the great battle, as he held me while I 
was very sick asleep.” 

“What about great great grandma, Chi-Chi?” 

“She died from food poisoning.” 

“The world was saved by my great great grandfather Vegeta!” Vegeta said

“The world was saved more times by MY great great grandfather Goku!”
Goku Jr. argued. 

“Now, now boys! Both of your great great grandfathers were very
powerful! They both saved the world and were the best two fighters 
ever. There's no use of arguing which saiyan was better.” 

“Wow our great great grandfathers were really strong weren't they?” Goku
Jr. asked Vegeta Jr. 

“My great great grandfather was better!” Vegeta Jr. said. 

“Whatever,” said Goku Jr. 

To be continued... 

any questions, comments, complaints anything else, email me at 


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