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Dragon Ball EW (extreme warriors): Great Warriors of the past (standard:Fan Fiction, 1865 words)
Author: LG 218Added: Nov 08 2002Views/Reads: 5643/3028Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
this story is a story about Pan,Goku's grand daughter telling her grandson (Goku Jr.)and his best friend (Vegeta Jr.) about their great great grandfathers. This is based on the dragon ball series. Both kids and adults watch these cartoons. this story isnt

Dragon Ball EW (extreme warriors): Great Warriors of the Past 

By LG 218 

Pan was sitting down in her living room with her grandson, Goku Jr., and
his best friend, Vegeta Jr. 

“Tell us about my great great grandfather Goku, grandma.” 

“Shouldn't we wait until Logan wakes up?” 

“Dad looks like he's not gonna wake up for another two hours! I really
wanna hear about great great grandpa!” Goku Jr. said as he tightened 
his head band. 

“Well your great great grandfather Goku, was the best warrior on earth.
He was already saving people when he was your age. He was trained under 
one of the best martial arts teachers, Master Roshi, along with his 
good friend Krilyn. When Goku grew up, he sacrificed his life for his 
friends and family to defeat a very evil creature by the name of Cell. 
Unfortunately, Goku died and then Cell came back. But luckily for your 
great grandfather Gohan, was still alive. Gohan was trained under a 
powerful Namek by the name of Piccolo. Goku trained him as well. Gohan 
was so powerful at even such a young age, he was powerful enough to 
defeat Cell. While Goku was in heaven, he was such a good person that 
the heaven allowed him to keep his body and still train. Then, your 
other great grandpa, Goten, learned the art of fusion along with your 
great grandpa, Vegeta Jr.” Vegeta Jr. interrupted for a second. 

“Great grandpa Trunks, fused with Goten?” Vegeta Jr. asked. 

“That's right.” She answered his question. Together they became one
powerful person and called themselves Gotenks. They could go super 
saiyan 3 when they fused.” 

“What's a super saiyan 3?” Goku Jr. asked. 

“Well, you know how you two can go super saiyan?” Pan asked them. 

“Yeah,” replied Goku Jr. 

“It's three times as powerful as that!” 

“Wow!” said Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. at the same time. 

“It gets better... when both of your great great great grandfathers
fused.. they became the most powerful being! Together they were the 
strongest fighter ever! Unfortunately, a fusion can last only 30 
minutes straight, and then the two fusers have to wait an hour before 
they can fuse again.” 

“Enough about Goku's great great grandfather! Tell us about my great
great grandfather Vegeta!” Vegeta Jr. said impatiently. Pan smiled at 
her grandson's best friend. 

“Ah, Vegeta was also a great warrior! He was the PRINCE of saiyans!” Pan
said proudly. “Even when he was but 5 years old, he was already 
powerful and strong. Without Vegeta, Goku wouldn't have saved the earth 
from two of the most powerful villans. First there was a big pink 
monster, by the name of Majin Buu. He had the ability to heal, and 
absorb people. Vegeta helped Goku use the spirit bomb on both villans.” 
“How did he do that?” Vegeta Jr. asked. 

“First on Majin Buu, Vegeta swallowed his pride and asked the Earth to
lend Goku their spirits to help him beat Majin Buu with something Goku 
learned as the spirit bomb. And then, there was an evil dragon with 
great power! Vegeta's power was so great, when Vegeta gave his power to 
Goku, Goku's spirit bomb was enormous. Unfortunately it wasn't enough 
to beat the evil dragon. Gokku had to take all the spirits from the 
entire universe to make a spirit bomb big enough to beat him. The only 
two saiyans that I know that could go to super saiyan level 4 stage is 
both of your great great grandfathers, Goku and Vegeta.” 

“Pan, do you know any real stories about great grandpa Trunks?” Pan put
her finger and thumb to her chin and started to think. After only a few 

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