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September 11th (standard:non fiction, 2301 words)
Author: PeachiePieAdded: Jan 19 2003Views/Reads: 3123/2204Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story of two young lives trapped in one of the twin towers on Sept 11th. This is a true story but I will call them Joe and Aleshia. They were directly under the floor where the plane hit but I will put them on the 94th floor.

September 11, 2001 

On September 11, 2001 the United States of America would suffer through
a tragedy that would change all of our lives. This day could be 
compared to or even worse than Pearl Harbor. This story is about two 
young lives that were in one of those towers that horrible day.  Their 
names, location and all the events that follow are fiction only to 
protect their privacy.   This young man and young lady are real.  They 
were present in one of those towers that day and he did carry her all 
the way to safety.  Today we will refer to them as Joe and Aleshia. 

It was September 11, and I was in New York City on business. This was my
first time in that great city and my first time in the Great Twin 
Towers. I was on the 94 floor and I looked at my watch, it was around 
9:00 A.M. My watch was not exact to the minute. I raised my head and 
looked down one of these great corridors. 

This building was like a town and people were every where.  I was
standing by an emergency fire exit.  I don't know why I noticed that 
but it just caught my eye for a second. Of all the sights to see, a 
little box with the word emergency EXIT caught my eye. In my life I 
have seen hundreds of these signs but this one just caught my eye. I 
knew if I went to the right I would find the elevator that I was to use 
to go down.  It was just a few yards away.  A few seconds passed and I 
did start toward that elevator. I was standing in front of it waiting 
for the doors to open.  I just had to look back toward that little EXIT 
box one more time. 

There were a lot of people waiting to catch that elevator and as the
doors opened we felt the building move and suddenly smoke, and fire 
were bellowing all around us.  People were trying to get in the 
elevator to escape the flames.  Something told me if the doors close 
they would never open again.  People were crying and the screams were 
almost more than I could bear. I told everyone, “We must get out of 
this elevator”. They were hollowing, Know we have to escape the fire, 
We have to escape the fire”.  I was so afraid, then beside me was a 
young lady that looked to be no more that than twenty years of age. 

As I looked her eyes locked with mine, She held out her hand and through
her tears I heard her say, “Please help me I am so afraid”. 

I thought, “Oh God! Why is she looking at me, I don't know what to do”?
Than something told me to leave the elevator. I took this girl by the 
hand and pulled her outside the elevator door.  People were still 
trying to get on and I was telling them No! No! Turn left to the fire 
escape. Then I realized the fire was between the elevator and fire 
escape. It was as if the fire was shooting out the air ducts like a 
blowtorch. The elevator doors closed never to open again. 

I pulled off my jacket and tie. I ripped the buttons of the top half of
my shirt and I put my arms around the young lady. I told her to put my 
shirt over your mouth and bury your face under my chin and neck. I 
cradled her like a child and covered her with my coat. I said, ”Hold 
on, we are going through the flames”. With Gods help we made it to the 
fire escape. I asked her when we got in, ”Are you OK”? 

She said, ”Yes, but we are going to die aren't we, we are 94 floors up”.

I told her, “I promise you I will get you out if I have to pack you 94
floors. Keep my shirt over your face and shield your face with my neck 
and face, we have some flames ahead”. I don't know how many floors we 
had gone down, I could tell in Aleshia's voice she was giving up hope 
on escaping that building. 

She asked, ”What floor are we down to now”? 

I didn't know or could I tell but I made up a number.  That brightened
her up. Soon we met fireman coming up. They would stop us and I would 
tell them, “Don't go up there, it's not safe”. 

Each one would tell me, “We have to go help the people, Take your friend
on down and hurry, You have some bad burns on your hands and face”. 

A few floors later we met another Fireman. He asked, “What floor did you

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