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A Kitten Lost (standard:non fiction, 1106 words)
Author: Zoe Ann StuartAdded: Mar 05 2003Views/Reads: 3300/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story I wrote about my kitten and how I got him and it is written from a kittens point of view.

Hi.  I would like to tell my story of how I found my new loving home. 
My name is Stuart. I'm a solid black kitten with bright yellow eyes and 
this is my story.... As of now, I don't really remember my mother or my 
brothers and sisters, but I do remember what happened to me and how I 
ended up where I am now.  I was only three weeks old, hungry, cold, 
lonely and wanted to be in my nice warm bed.  I was crying for my 
mother, but she never came. I was thrown into a dumpster with no one to 
help me.  I dug around in the dumpster for food and something warm to 
cuddle in, but there was nothing but plastic bags and old tires.  I 
found an old paper bag to sleep in.  It wasn't very warm, but it 
blocked the wind and some of the rain. Other bags and tires were 
falling in on top of me every once and a while.  The trash in the 
dumpster was finally filling up, so I decided to climb out.  The 
distance from the top to the ground was scary, especially for a small 
three week old kitten.  I was scared, but brave.  I jumped.  My feet 
hurt, but I was determined to survive.  I saw feet, which I remembered 
from when I was with my mother.  I walked towards them meowing or at 
least trying to.  I had meowed so much while I was in the dumpster that 
I could barely utter a word.  No one saw me. I was freezing.  I found a 
car that had just pulled into the parking lot. It was warm underneath 
it.  I laid down on the cold asphalt to sleep and wait for someone to 
save me from this awful place. Someone to take me home with them, feed 
me, warm me, want me, and love me. It seemed like days passed as I 
drifted in and out of sleep.  I heard a noise that broke my drifting.  
I saw feet.  I got up and walked out from under the car.  I looked up 
and meowed.  It was more like a squeak, but it got his attention.  He 
picked me up and cuddled me.  He spoke to me but I couldn't  
understand.  Whatever he was saying seemed sweet and loving.  I started 
purring.  He put me in the car with him.  I laid on his lap as he 
talked to me.  More like “Blah, blah, blah....”  but I enjoyed being 
warm and wanted.  I finally fell asleep, purring. I awoke to the car 
door opening and cold air rushing in.  I was scared I was going to be 
put back outside in the cold.  He opened his jacket and took me inside. 
 Now I know I was a wanted kitty. I poked my head out of the front of 
the jacket to see my new home.  We walked through the door to the 
warmness inside.  He took me out of his coat and placed me on the 
floor.  I stretched and meowed or squeaked I should say. I saw more 
feet and faces with hands attached.  They were petting me and 
scratching my chin and ears. I loved every minute of it.  I purred and 
pushed back against their hands.  One of the people put a dish in front 
of me. “Food!” I was so happy.  I purred as I ate.  My belly had been 
empty for what seemed like weeks, but probably was only a few days.  
With my belly finally full with food, I looked around for the one who 
had brought me here, but he was no where to be found.  He had left me 
here without even saying good bye.  But it seemed like I had found a 
home. I had been in my new home for a few days when new people came to 
the house.  And it seemed they were going to be taking me away from my 
home.  A woman picked me up and started to cuddle me.  All I could do 
was purr.  I loved being cuddled and scratched.  Everyone in the room 
was talking “Blah, blah, blah....”  Then all of a sudden the woman put 
me inside of her jacket.  I was leaving again. Why?  Was I not wanted 
here also?  I didn't understand.  Where was I going this time..., back 
out side?  I squirmed and tried to get out of her jacket not wanting to 
go anywhere else. I was perfectly happy where I was.  It was warm, 
there was plenty of food and plenty of people to pet and love me.  Did 
I do something wrong?  And then out the door we went. I didn't know 
where I was going to end up next.  I just hoped it wasn't going to be 
cold and have a major food shortage.  A few seconds later, we were 
inside of a car.  The woman took me out of her jacket and placed me on 
her lap.  I looked up at her and her face and voice seemed nice enough. 
 Maybe she wanted me. I wasn't going to get my hopes up, but I did 
decide that if I was taken to her home I would try to be on my best 
behavior and not make her not want me. We soon arrived at the woman's 
house.  She put me back into her jacket so I wouldn't get chilled on 
the way into the house and we headed up the steps to the door. Inside, 
there was another cat. Her name was Zoe.  She didn't seem to like me 
very much.  She hissed, swatted and growled at me every chance she got. 
 She was a giant compared to me.  She didn't want me in the house at 
all.  I didn't care, at least the woman did. The woman gave me some 
warm food and showed me where the litter box was and what to do with 
it.  I'd already been shown this in my last home. So maybe she thought 
I was smart, which I am, if I do say so myself.  I slept pretty good my 
first night. Days seemed to pass and Zoe and I started getting along.  
She would clean me and I would clean her.  My mommy, what I call the 
woman, hugs me, cuddles me, and above all loves me.  I sleep in the bed 
with Zoe and Mommy.  I've finally found a home where I'm wanted.  And 
Zoe doesn't pick on me anymore, its vice versa now.  I'm bigger and can 
stand on my own. I am no longer a kitten lost. 


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