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The Look in Your eyes. (standard:Fan Fiction, 3638 words)
Author: Dj MYCAdded: Apr 07 2003Views/Reads: 3971/2522Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Shinji Ikari is in love with someone in his calss and to show it Shinji writes a poem to that special someone. How will she react? Evangelion Romance/Poetry

Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the story line. 

‘This is just great' thought Shinji as he sat silently in his room ‘what
have I gotten myself into' he was thinking about what topic he should 
do his poem on. Shinji Ikari had decided to join a school poetry 
writing contest, and the prize was a dinner for two at a French 
restraint. Of course he wanted this prize not for himself, he need to 
win so he can share this reward with a certain Eva. Pilot, he's been 
going over on which topic he should do all night, then it hit him he 
will do his project on the reason why he started this whole mess. The 
one thing he desires most in life, he will do his assignment on . . . 

The Look in Your Eyes. By: Dj MYC 

“Rei Ayanami, thank you, that poem was . . . um interesting.” Said their

Rei had done her poem on death and rebirth (not the movie, How should I
put it let's just say she summed her life into a poem, ok.) 

Sensei: Alright up next, Ikari, Shinji. 

Shinji: yes ma'am. ‘Well here goes nothing, I just hope she don't take
this the wrong way.' I dedicate this poem to a special someone in my 

The class suddenly went silent, except for some guesses on whom this
mystery girl was, besides that the class was dead silent. 

Toji: I bet you $50 that it's Asuka. 

Kensuke: You're on! ‘I'll be up 50 dollars by the end of the day.' 

Shinji: ‘ Man I must sound corny' Looks over to Rei ‘ Wait a minuet did
just see Ayanami flinch, what am I thinking , better stop stalling, 
well anyways here it goes.' 


It was now in the middle of the night, a time for every living soul to
relax and recuperate from their day. All were resting, all but one. 

Rei: ‘Did Ikari really mean what he said in today, or is he just using
me, like everyone else.' <Sigh> “SHINJI.” 


<Rei's POV> 

Shinji: I would like to dedicate this poem to a special someone in my

Rei: <Flinch> ‘“. . . someone special in my life.” Does Ikari have
feelings for a certain female in his life? Could it be Pilot Soryu? Or 
commander Katsuragi? Wait why should I care who Ikari loves ‘love' that 
word means nothing to me, and why did I flinch when he mention it? Why 
am I jealous? Jealousy, why? Why is Ikari staring at me? Why am I like 
this? Why am I asking myself, why am I jealous? Do I . . .” 

Rei was snapped out of her thoughts as Shinji began his poem . . . 

<Poem Starts> 

I'm different, like an infrit 

To a Shiva of a cold stare 

We see eye to eye, 

But never breathe the same air 

Many times we fight just to see who is best 

I say these things not to fright 

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