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On the Edge (standard:drama, 611 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: DraimenUpdated: May 10 2003Views/Reads: 3355/2Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A man is drowning in the Artic. These are his sensations.

Darkness.  Darkness cumbersome and omnipotent clasping me, throttling my
insides and crushing my vision.  The weight of nothingness pierced my 
bones, leaving me to fall in a floating fashion into the depths of 
darkening despair.  I could feel it now.  The sheer nothing that left 
me blind to life began soaking throughout my entire being.  My own 
limbs sank, dead to desperate wishes.  How, I wondered, how had I come 
to such vexations that I should fall into an icy blackness, void of all 
thourht, clasping with deadly claws to my own mind.  How did I come to 
such solitude only to feel as if I was not alone? 

Death's touch traced my cheek and ran the length of my body.  Jubilation
swep away despair as the nothing lifted and my body evaded.  Tipping 
forward I began to rise, rise away from desolation.  death clasped my 
ankle and for the first time, I felt.  I felt an iron grip pulling me 
into the darkness.  With my new vigor of feeling I kicked.  Iron, 
brittle like death, gave way and I rose.  Passing out of death a light 
grew above me.  Twisting, as if my body was on casters, I rolled to 
greet the breaking of life.  My lips cracked and twitched into a grin.  
I was saved.  Light washed away the dark, scrubbing me in warmth.  I 
could feel the ivory ribbons slanting through the water, water which 
was once my grave, harpooning my entirety.  I bathed in all its glory, 
watching the shards of water flow past as I rose to the surface.  In 
the growing silk of light my features took form.  First a nose, then a 
hand, until I was wrapped inside the beauty of a corpse.  The light 
pierced from above as I watched the vibracy of life.  Tiny bubbles 
clung to my skin, departing my eye lids they raced for the light.  I 
reflected in a thousand bubbles, that sprang forth as I blinked, the 
fragments of myself. 

Ice filled my lungs with the break of the water. never had life burned
so much.  The fire in my lungs flushed the chill from my body and I 
cried.  I cried for life, for death.  I cried to feel the escape from 
the desolation that hung below my feet.  Little stones of frozen tears, 
dropping into the water from my cheeks, spread waves of joy in tiny 
rings.  Even the burning in my chest could not quench the eyes of envy 
that watched from desolation.  Scratching my way onto the ice, I pushed 
my dicontent aside. 

Collapsed on the ice, my heart surged.  Hot veins pounded louder in my
ears than the throbbing of utter silence.  Crimson swam my vision, 
gading to black, then a burning white.  The pillow of ice cracked my 
skull with a gentle touch as I passed out. 

Blinded by the whiteness, I lulled my head to the side.  Hope rose
inside me.  On the brink of the light, black dots were approaching.  I 
was saved.  When the got here I would surely be given a new chance at 
life.  the slow crunch of the snow under many feet stirred me to rise.  
Turning to be rescued my legs gave out.  The snow flushed red and my 
nose numbed.  Slowly I lifted my gaze.  They were all around me now.  
The feet of the nearest came into view.  Funny, I thought.  I couldn't 
recall men having such fur covered feet.  As my eyes rose further I met 
the eyes of one.  Odd again were the eyes.  What strange men these are, 
I thought.  My bones chilled as those eyes stepped closer. Yellow eyes.


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