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Philosophical Ramblings (standard:other, 1307 words)
Author: LunaAdded: May 30 2003Views/Reads: 2873/1789Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Otherwise known as philosophical crap. Read if you wish. Then rate. Then tear it to pieces with criticism. It's an expected cycle. Note: Not finished work.

In this world, nothing hurts so much as the emotional pain. Far worse
than the physical kind, it could cripple you, destroy you for life, 
change you for the worse, and it can make you never be completely happy 
again—and yet, it could make you a stronger, tougher being. And it is 
far more effective in doing every of those things than physical pain. 
You can recover from a broken leg in time, but sometimes a person will 
not recover from those great, unbearable emotional tragedies. More time 
is needed with emotional pain, and in some cases all the time in the 
world will not be enough unless you get progressive amnesia. If someone 
were to ask me what I thought life was, I would answer that it was a 
meaningless existence in which you experienced those hurtful feelings 
that come in different intensities, though if you are lucky you will 
not be paralyzed by it, and will be able to live on a moderately happy 
person (of course, that may not be YOUR definition). 

But speaking of happiness, what exactly is it? I am curious as to what
makes different people happy. Some people can be happy with such simple 
pleasure, while with others it would be a complex maze of emotions. I 
would be one of the latter. For one thing, I have no idea as to how to 
make myself happy. Besides that, there are few things in the world that 
truly gives me a sense of peace and contentment. My first source of 
happiness is discovered in reading a good book with which I can escape 
reality and this dreary world. As to my second source, it does not work 
all the time. You see, being with friends can make you very happy and 
content, but when they turn on you, or when you are hurt by them in 
some way, it is back to the deep emotional pain. It especially hurts 
when you care. 

I have discovered that the more you care for a person, the easier it is
for them to hurt you deeply. If, say, you loved someone more than life, 
considered how it would be if they left you with no more than a letter. 
Then you realize that they hadn't loved you at all, they hadn't cared 
enough even to say good-bye to your face. This has not happened to me 
personally, but I believe this has been the case since humankind has 
discovered how to write. This is true with anyone that you care for; in 
simple words, the more you care, the more you will be hurt when they 
have betrayed you—just a question if they betray you or not. And what 
is the answer to this? The simple thing that most have done? Why, they 
have simply stopped caring; they have built an impenetrable wall around 
their heart. 

So with this impregnable wall, they have kept all feelings out. And as
happiness is a feeling, I believe they will never be truly happy. My 
theory is never to keep a wall; a gate will work better. Even more, 
never keep that gate totally barricaded with a thousand locks. It 
should only be kept with three locks. So therefore, when someone is 
caring enough, or ruthless enough, to be able to open those three 
locks, that is, to gain your trust, that gate will be opened. You could 
take the risk; it would either be the enemy that has breached your 
defenses, or an ally come to give you another chance of happiness. Of 
course, chances are that it won't be an ally; a very pessimistic view, 
I suppose, but I have reason to think it will most likely be an enemy. 
So with this fear, many have built a wall that will never be breached, 
and even when it is an ally, they will never get through. 

You will always have the comfort of knowing, however, that even though
an ally will not get through, so will an enemy be doomed to failure. I 
will add one more thing: Whenever someone gets through your gate, and 
if it is an enemy, try to survive, and then add one more lock to that 
gate. If you have been hurt one thousand times and survived, you will 
have a thousand and three locks. Even so, the ones that are not strong 
enough to survive will be destroyed. 

I have contemplated all of this, despite the fact that I think I shall
never understand all of this. First I ask the question of pain, then 
life, then happiness, and finally of the secrets of the heart.  The 
only thing I know: emotions are what drives us; it is the most 
important thing in life. Furthermore, the one emotion we most desire 
is...happiness. What is it that makes you happy? What do you do to 
achieve happiness? If making money makes you happy, then of course you 
would try to make money. Why do you work for money anyways? So you can 
submerge yourself in things that will make you happy and content. The 
stronger emotions cancel the other ones out.  And love, love can 
achieve happiness and the opposite. Fruitful love in which you love and 
is loved in return leaves you in continued state of bliss, so I've 

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