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Life in the Sun (standard:drama, 1784 words)
Author: Karina RoseAdded: Jun 02 2003Views/Reads: 3243/2144Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Are you ever too young to give up on life? Does Jade have a good enough excuse to give up on hope? Or can she once again live a life of happiness? Come along and live through an experience that will determine Jade's future...

Life in the Sun 

She woke up from the anesthesia with a sudden alert of hysteria. "My
baby! Where is my baby?" she cried and screamed as she tried to 
remember where she was. She heard the sound of a woman's voice saying 
her name softly and asking her to please wake up. Finally, beginning to 
understand the woman's request, she opened her eyes and knew instantly 
where she was. She had just come back from surgery; the surgery that 
had determined her baby's demise. 

They rolled her back into her hospital room as she grasped for air,
still sobbing uncontrollably. "My baby is gone," she whispered 
repeatedly with a look of panic and pain across her tired face, as the 
nurses hooked her up to an IV and took her blood pressure. She looked 
around the room, with her tear-flooded eyes and realized she was alone. 
He had left her during her time of need, when she needed that love she 
had known with him for so long. 

"Jade, sweetie, here is some soup. You need to eat. As soon as you look
and feel better, we will let you go. But, until then you've got to 
rest." The nurse spoke as she moved the food tray to Jade's chest. "If 
that is the case, I'll have to stay here forever", Jade thought to 
herself. At this point, she could not see herself ever being able to 
feel better. After all, she had lost the two greatest loves of her 

The nurse left shortly after making sure Jade was strong enough to feed
herself. Jade sat quietly in her stiff hospital bed playing with the 
chicken broth that sat in front of her chest. Wide eyed and scared, 
Jade could not help but think about Steve and little Kaleb or Kayla- 
whatever her child should have been born. Just a week earlier she had 
had it all, a wonderful boyfriend whom she declared her hero and a 
beautiful child tucked away in her little belly. Now it seemed that was 
lifetimes away. She began to cry softly and couldn't help but wonder 
who she was and if she was going to ever know again. 

With her head down, and her shoulders sulking, she felt a gentle hand
touch her right foot. Her mom stood at the end of the bed, smiled and 
then asked how she was doing. Jade looked back down and continued to 
cry. Her mom lightly grabbed her foot and went to sit in the chair that 
sat at the side of the bed. Jade sat there, wanting to speak to her 
mother, cry to her mother and ask her to please hold her. But, there 
was a barrier and it was as if Jade was almost afraid to speak. 

They sat alone in silence for what seemed to be hours. Jade lay in her
hospital bed, eyes closed, thoughts racing. She tried countless of 
times to fall asleep, in hopes that she might never wake-up. Her mother 
sat in the chair beside the bed watching silly court television shows, 
trying not to laugh at the class of people brought onto the show. The 
sounds drumming from the television were distant in Jade's mind. The 
only thing she could hear was the sound of Steve's laughter and the 
sounds of her weeping intertwined. Ironic, isn't it? She thought as she 
desperately tried to piece her broken relationship together trying to 
make sense of it. 

After minutes of selfishly thinking about the failure of her
relationship with Steve, she remembered the amazing being that once 
grew in her tummy. She moved her hand from her side and laid it flat on 
her once bulging stomach. For almost an instant she had forgotten why 
she was even at the hospital, and why her relationship had ended. A 
sudden wave of guilt flooded her heart, remembering that is was all her 
fault. She was the one who cried, she was the one who yelled, and she 
was the one she stressed out her body enough to kill her incredible 
creation. A voice continued to whisper in the back of her mind, "It was 
you. This is all on you", long enough to make Jade believe that she was 
the one to blame and that an innocent life was on her hands. 

A while later, her thoughts and inner arguments had led to not even
wanting to think any longer, so she finally drifted off to sleep 
despite her fears of dreaming. A little while later she heard a 
familiar voice telling her that she needed to wake up now. She slowly 
opened her eyes, and for a moment she considered her living nightmare 
to actually be a nightmare, and it would no longer torment her young 
soul. Then, she turned her body around and saw a nurse with a silver 
tray carrying pills, needles and a cup of water. Her living nightmare 

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