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Namek Chronicles (standard:Fan Fiction, 2988 words)
Author: strikemode14Added: Aug 20 2003Views/Reads: 3339/2259Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Just after the Cell games..where Piccolo must take on the villians in the HFIL and also face up with the struggle of the Dark namek

Chapter 1 

It is a bright and sunny not a cloud in the sky. The bright sun reflects
off the mighty namek's hat on top of the old and mystical lookout. 
Piccolo is in deep in mediation only after a few days since the Cell 
games. He thinks "I must become stronger without Goku I have to be 
strong enough to lead the Z-fighters..Gohan is not old enough to lead 
and with a hot head like Vegeta I must step up to the challenge." As 
Piccolo mediates the young guardian of the earth Dende walks out in 
pure amazement. Dende thinks "Unbelievable a namek with this power is 
unreal...well there was one a very long time ago." 

As Piccolo mediates he has a blue aura surrounding him and you could
feel his power increasing. The old lookout begins to shake as Dende 
falls to the ground. After a few minutes the shaking stops. The aura 
goes down and Piccolo gets up out of his mediate state. Piccolo says 
"Dende you might want to go inside I am about to train." Dende replies 
"Sure." Dende goes inside and Piccolo begins to split into two 
different people. 

The two Piccolo's stare at each other. They begin to exchange mighty
punches. The first Piccolo flies in the air and begins to power up a 
old manevuer. He puts two fingers to together and in a flash yells 
"Special Beam Cannon!" The second Piccolo zanokens out of the way but, 
the first greets him with a punch to the gut. Then the first one throws 
him to the ground causing a crater in the lookout. The first one yells 
"Maskenko-ha!" The mighty yellow attack nears his prey as the second 
could only just try to block. The second one gets up and begins to 
remove his hat and cape the first does the same. They begin to throw 
punches and kicks at each other. 

The second one gets the upper hand this time and knocks the first one
down. He zanokens and he begins to power up a Special Beam Cannon. He 
begins to aim for the heart. The attack is almost fully powered. The 
first one begins to brace for impact. As the second is going to fire a 
mental alarm goes off time was up for the sparring match. The two 
namkes fused back into one. Piccolo begins to mediate again. This time 
he finds an old memory. Of him and another namek called Jin. 

Jin says "I haven't seen a Namek training for many years." Young Piccolo
replies "I want to be the best warrior and I heard you are the 
strongest." Jin says "Yes but, my power is not honorable it is dark." 
Piccolo replies "Can you tell me about." Jin says "Yes I will tell you 
only becuase I never want you to experience it yourself." "I will tell 
you about the power that ruin my life and made me an outcast..I will 
tell you about the dark namek." 

Chapter 2 

As Jin and Piccolo sat on some soft cool grass Jin begins to tell his
tell of the ancient battles that would ruin his life someday. Jin says 
"Are you sure you want to hear this story." Piccolo replies "Too be a 
great warrior I must know my past." Jin nods and begins to tell the 
tell he says "It started many years ago I can still remember the day it 
was sunny day, grass was green I could even remember how it smelled it 
smelled so great that day." "It was perfect until they came." "Space 
pirates trying to claim Namek for their own trying to rob us of this 

"These pirates wore this armor and that help protect them for our
attacks and they had these tails like a monkey it was weird." "They 
called themselves saiyans there was about 100 or so...we offered them 
peace and a place to stay but, they were cruel they try to bully the 
nameks into submission they talked about their young leader King Cold 
would destroy us if we didn't submit." "Even though the Nameks were a 
peaceful race we had no choice but to fight these pirate." There were 
about 10,000 Nameks but only 251 Nameks fought we were dominating the 
saiyans we had killed them till there was only 5 left." We thought he 
had won the five had hidden. "We had cornered them to a cave as we 
were about to attack a sphere was thrown into the air and the pirates 
begin to grow. " 

"A transformation never seen before by Nameks they were huge gigantic
monkeys." "With that transformation the 5 beast like saiyans had 
actually become mindless beast." The party that went to kill the 5 

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