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Study Hall (standard:non fiction, 318 words)
Author: Mentally Disturbed TeenagerAdded: Dec 09 2000Views/Reads: 3765/8Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Looking around the Study Hall.

Study Hall 

By, Kitty Kat 

Nov. 30, 2000 

I turned around, and swung my fist into Paul's face.  He looked shocked
that I would hit him.  Maybe THAT will keep him off my back, I thought, 

The fantasy disappeared, as I heard Alliam and Ashley talking about the
story they were writing.  Over that, Ben's voice cut across the other 
noise.  "Hey, how far have you gone with your girlfriend?"  Was his 
greeting to the boy walking in the door. 

I sighed.  Study Hall, that which the dreams, and nightmares, of
students are made of. 

This was a nightmare day. 

The proctor walked in.  Everything was suddenly still, and the kids all
got something to do.  "Wow, this is very quiet today!"  Remarked the 
proctor, as she sat down. 

I let my mind wander, back to the comment Cameron said earlier.  "If you
do kill Paul, we'll all back you up."  I wondered if he was joking. I 
certainly wasn't. 

Three girls walked in late.  "Sorry, we had this gym thing.  Can we go
to the computer lab?" 

"For what?" the proctor wanted to know. 

"History.  We have this thi-" started Sheila, the leader of the little

"Sure, go on." 

The proctor was probably happy Sheila and friends weren't going to be
here today.  All they do is talk the entire period. 

My mind started to wander back to my fantasy.  Paul would come up to me,
along with Pat, and they would start the joke again. 

"Hey Kathryn, will you go out with me?  Will you?  No, with me!  I asked
first!  So, who cares?"  All in those idiotic voices.  They would be 
right behind me, following me to class, taunting.  I would stop, turn 
around, and swing my fist into the side of Paul's head.  Pat would 
start laughing at the shocked expression on his friend's face, and 

But then the bell rang.


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