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My fault (standard:non fiction, 327 words)
Author: Mentally Disturbed TeenagerAdded: Dec 14 2000Views/Reads: 3491/9Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
One of my better pieces.

It was my fault. 

My brother screamed and started cursing at my dad.  “”Get the fuck out
of my room!  Fuck off, bitch! 

It was my fault. 

I shouldn’t have been down there.  When I wasn’t there, they didn’t

It was my fault. 

He screamed again, and pounded on the door of his room.  I turned up the

Pop music.  Not right for this mood. 

I switched to my Eminem CD.  Much more suitable to my family. 

I could hear my brother crying, and my dad down in the kitchen.  He was
stomping around.  My mom wasn’t home yet. 

My fault. 

For months, I stayed up in my room, reading, typing, playing on the
computer, on the internet.  I was never downstairs, and rarely out of 
my room.  Micheal was getting better with his temper, and never blew up 
anymore.  I still stayed up in my room. 

It was my fault, and all I wanted was dinner. 

I went down to get something to eat.  I was hungry, and lately I had
been close to anorexia.  I was scared I wasn’t eating enough. Dad 
didn’t want me to eat.  Too busy complaining about the kitchen being a 
mess to listen to me. 

Sitting up in my room, it’s almost six, and I only ate a bowl of
macaroni and cheese the entire day. 

I hunched over my folded arms.  I usually ate something before it was
this bad. 

It was my own fault. 

I should have stayed upstairs.  I shouldn’t have been down there.  All I
do is make people fight.  My own fault.  My brother was still crying, 
wailing out from his bedroom. 

Wasn’t he too old for that?  Wasn’t he old enough to calm down by now? I
laughed, but not out of happiness.  Of course age wouldn’t matter.  Not 
when I was there.  I was cursed.  It was my own fault.  Always was my 
own fault. 

My fault they fought. 

My fault... 


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