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Summary Explanation (standard:Fan Fiction, 5497 words)
Author: ranwolfAdded: Mar 05 2004Views/Reads: 3666/2244Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a summation of everything that leads up to the beginning of the Gargoyles/Evangelion crossover story. Takes place about six month's after "The Arrival".

Summary Explanation by Ranwolf( 

This chapter is a summation of everything that leads up to the beginning
of the Gargoyles/Evangelion crossover story. It will also include fully 
written scenes to help flesh out the personalities and events involved. 
Certain parts of this summary may be written out as full stories at a 
future time. 

Approximately six months after Nicodemus, future son of Goliath and
Elisa Maza, arrived into the past to prevent a disastrous future of 
Clan Wyvern, he and his mate, Miyabe Tendo flew to Japan for her first 
vacation since she began working for Xanatos as an infirmary nurse 3 
years before. 

While in Japan, the couple stayed with one of Miya's cousins, Akane and
her husband Ranma in the Nerima district of Tokyo. Through a series of 
misadventures involving various friends and rivals of Ranma's and 
Akane's, the two couples discovered each other's secret, that Nic was 
half gargoyle and Ranma was cursed to transform into a young woman 
whenever he was splashed with cold water. 

A few days later, Nic received his second surprise in as many days. With
the help of Owen Burnett, Nic managed to get a reservation at a highly 
up scale restaurant Downtown. 

The couple had just ordered their meal when someone called her name.
Maya and Nic looked and were surprised to see, of all people, the 
founder of Playboy Magazine, Hugh Hefner. 

Nic was shocked to discover Miya had done a pictorial for the magazine
when she was twenty to help pay for college when the tuition 
unexpectedly went up. Miya apologized profusely for not telling him 
sooner. Nic chuckled lightly and reassured her he wasn't angry just 
surprised. He even joked he wanted a autographed copy. 

On the day Nic and Miya were to fly back to New York, The Three Sisters
appeared with an edict from Oberon to appear before his court. Due to a 
misunderstanding on Xiam-pu's part, a short intense battle erupted, 
causing much property damage and wounding the egos of the immortal 
sisters. Knowing the Weird Sisters would return again and harass those 
involved, Nic agreed to go with them on the condition they leave the 
others alone. The sisters agreed and promptly transported themselves 
and the couple to Avalon. 

It was the former Princess of Wyvern, Katherine that greeted the two
arrivals. She told them Oberon had decided to make them wait before 
bringing them before his court. Nic wisely used the time to tell Miya 
of Oberon's notorious ego. It was during this time Nic met the other 
gargoyles of his clan he knew only in stories from his parents. 

Several days passed before they were admitted into the Court. Oberon
studied the half-gargoyle wordlessly, while Titania asked Nic varying 
questions about himself and his time. Some time passed before Oberon 
finally gave them permission to return to the real world. But instead 
of transporting them via magic to Manhattan, they were given a small 
sail boat and sent them off knowing they would not be sent immediately 
to Manhattan or back to Japan. 

Nic did not protest or ask Oberon to reconsider. He simply planned on
purchasing plane tickets back to New York after dealing with whatever 
situation Avalon put them in the middle of. Unfortunately, his plans 
crumbled almost as soon as they set foot on land. 

They discovered a battle involving people with powerful psychic
abilities, had ravaged a good portion of the city. While investigating 
what happened, they found a severely injured girl in the observation 
deck of Tokyo Tower. With Miya's medical skills and Nic's magical 
abilities they managed to save the girl's, Katori, life. They were also 
able to reunite her with a childhood friend, Kamui, the only survivor 
of the battle. 

They stayed in that world for a few days helping the two teenagers get
their affairs in order. Using a powerful palm size computer from his 
world, Nic arranged for a sizeable piece of restitution from the 
government agency that was behind the psychics. 

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