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Time of Death, 5:46 P.M. (standard:non fiction, 1119 words)
Author: Brittany E. KentAdded: Nov 04 2004Views/Reads: 2721/1835Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Gina, the saddened wife of a man in a deep coma, sits by her husband's side as he passes away.

Who would have thought that after my careful observations of the street,
the cars, and all of the other traffic that this would happen. All of a 
sudden it came over me, while I walked slowly, avoiding contact with 
others. I must have not looked properly, when I first felt the pain in 
my right leg, and my balance was taken away. It was as if I was moved 
to another reality where the laws of gravity did not exist. I felt air 
all around me, and even the strong pains in my head did not seem that 
bad, in this new subconscious zone where the state of my physical body 
would go unnoticed by my damaged brain. The darkening sky was above me, 
left of me, all around me, and all seemed endless. There was no time, 
there was no existence. Even I did not exist, even though I could 
witness this. The clouds in the endless sky disappeared and I was 
overwhelmed by the sight of the biggest sun I had ever seen, the light 
of it shining sharply into my eyes, burning my retina. I wanted to 
close my eyes, but I had no eyelids. I wanted to hide my eyes with my 
hands, but I didn't even have limbs. I had nothing. I was all alone. 

Eventually, the sounds came, the sounds of humans. It reminded me of my
wife and my kids, where were they now, did they know what happened to 
me, even though I did not? Gina, young beautiful Gina, so young when I 
married her, she never seemed to age. Our daughter Beth, still such a 
small child, with her happy smile every time she saw me, and tears in 
her eyes when I sometimes had to leave for a few days for business. 
Then there is our son, Jake, who has only been on this planet for seven 
months. He was such a blessing. These people made up my family, but 
where were they? I needed to escape this mindless prison. Yes, 
mindless, it literally was mindless, as if I had used several kilograms 
of cocaine. Would I ever be able to escape? What did the voices say? 
The voices were around me, but I could not comprehend what they were 
saying. I heard some faint sobbing and a voice, it seemed so close, I 
recognized it somehow, but couldn't quite figure out exactly who it 

"Mommy, what happened to daddy?" 

"He's asleep, Beth. I'm sure he'll be okay soon." 

"I want my daddy!" Beth exclaimed, as tears again formed in her eyes.
Her mother tried to calm her. 

"Oh, honey. Please, wake up. We need you." 

What did they say, were they talking to me, or were they just random
thoughts taken from minds of people who I did not even know? Maybe the 
words were in another language or maybe they were aliens! Aliens could 
have kidnapped me! But what did they do to my body? Have I become just 
a mind, a soul, a single soul left in this light? Why do I hear things 
when I don't have ears? Why do I see when I don't have eyes? Why do I 
breathe when I don't have lungs? Why? 

"I'm sorry to inform you about this, ma'am, but it seems that the
situation is worse than we originally diagnosed, the doctor said with 
a sigh of grief. 

Gina buried her head in her hands. Her body had become old because of
the months of worrying. Some of her tears fell down on the floor. She 
looked up at the doctor. The gruesome look upon his face could only 
mean more appalling news. 

"What? What do you mean, doctor?" 

"Well, he has suffered extensive brain damage which will leave no
guarantee for any state of life beyond this point. The chance that he 
will ever return to his original self is almost non-existent." 

Again, Gina cried, her spirit broken. 

My thoughts were still alive, free in this world, but trapped because
there was no way out. I tried what I could, but that was the problem; I 
couldn't do anything. I was without feeling, without a body, and the 
bright light was slowly fading. Slowly I was slipping in a cold, lonely 
darkness, abandoned by everything that I had once loved, that I still 
loved. Was I still loved? Would Gina forget about me? What was 

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