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Race Against time (standard:non fiction, 322 words)
Author: AbbyAdded: Jan 04 2005Views/Reads: 3596/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Read about one woman' quest for an uncurable disease.

My Struggle with Alopecia Do you have thinning hair or hair that sheds? 
If so, I would like to hear from you. 

It started with one strand of hair.   An innocent strand that lay
casually my bathroom sink. The strands multiplied.  The strands turned 
into clumps, and the clumps turned into handfuls of hair. 

In a few weeks my hair brush was a tangled mass of black hair.  In the
beginning of my alopecia –hair loss, the hair loss wasn't noticeable.  
But gradually my scalp became visible. 

. After several months of steady hair loss I became worried. I tried
hair loss products.  And the shedding continued.  My hair brush, my 
furniture, my clothes, all my breakfasts, lunches and dinners were all 
blanketed by my hair. 

One day I looked in the mirror and could hardly recognize my self.
Instead of looking at a woman with thick black hair a pathetic woman 
with patches of hair looked back at me.  I began to feel like the most 
cursed the ugliest person on earth.  And my wispy tresses proved the 

I began to search the internet to find out why I was losing my hair.  
It was possible that the medication I was taking, Lithium, was the 
source of my losing all of my hair.  I begged my doctor to take me off 
the drug.  They all said “no.” So and I became accustomed to the loss 
of hair.  I convinced myself that everyone lost hair, and that it would 
somehow stop falling out. 

To this day I continue to lose hair.  I have coped with alopecia by
getting a flattering hair cut.  By not being afraid to brush my hair 
with vigor. I did get a hairpiece but feel more comfortable with my own 
thinning locks. 

Do you have alopecia?  How have you coped?  Have you educated yourself
about the causes?  Have you purchased hats or wigs? Let me know. 


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