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An Open Letter to the King of Norway (standard:non fiction, 1405 words)
Author: Rattan MannAdded: May 04 2005Views/Reads: 3626/2284Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An open letter to the king of Norway

An Open Letter to the King of Norway 

Your Majesty, 

God gave me genius. God gave me courage. God gave me a sense of justice,
and the ability to distinguish right from wrong. And when God gives so 
much to a man, he doesn't need very much else from his fellow-men, even 
if they happen to be kings. Therefore, your majesty, I don't need or 
want anything from you except that you stop the mafia-war that is being 
conducted against me since the past twenty years by the Norwegian 
ministry of education, the university of Oslo, the university of 
Bergen, and the Technical university of Trondheim. Here are a few 
samples of the harvests of hate and racial discrimination. 

1) In 1984 the Norwegian ministry of education told me that if I did not
withdraw my charges of racial discrimination against Agder college, 
Grimstad, my family in India will be killed. The Norwegian minister of 
education personally appointed a man, the head of all the colleges in 
southern Norway, to "investigate" my charges of racial discrimination 
against Agder college. He told me this. Then he thurst a document 
before me to sign and thereby confess that I was unconditionally 
withdrawing all my charges against the college. Before leaving he said 
that he will ensure that at least for the next fifty years nobody dare 
accuse Norway of racial discrimination. 

Your majesty, this is a crime under any law. 

The ministry of education itself sent this document of forced
recantation to the Indian embassy. The Indian embassy did not utter a 
word on my behalf during this whole episode. 

2) In the summer of 1987, professor Ladislav, physics department, Bergen
university, told me that they would destroy me. The occasion was that 
in a single semester I passed 10 exams with a total of 20 credit points 
without attending a single lecture - something which many Norwegians 
don't accomplish even in 4 semesters and with all the help from their 
teachers. Some people at Bergen university did not like this. In this 
context professor Vladislav said that they will destroy me and never 
let me repeat this feat again. 

3) In the same summer of 1987, Helene Ullerø, the head of the foreign
student office, Oslo university, told me to committ sucide. The 
occasion was that I just went to her to ask her to allow me to move 
from Bergen university to Oslo university so that I could see my 
daughter more frequently. This is a very uncomplicated process, at 
least for the white Norwegians. But for me Helene Ullerø had a whole 
different perspective because I am not a white Norwegian. 

(Your majesty, in parenthesis I wish to mention that this beautiful
daughter in question, my only child, committed sucide a few years later 
when she was just 17. I do not wish to confuse the issues at hand by 
bringing up an unrelated matter. The only reason I have brought this up 
is because, through her memory, I want to tell 4 million Norwegians 
that I have no intention of commmitting sucide. If Norwegians want me 
out of the way, they will have to kill me themselves.) 

4) In 1989 professor Kristoffer Gjøtterud, physics department, Oslo
university, gave my master's thesis ("On Some Superstring Related 
Mathematics") for evaluation to a student, Dag Einar Sommervoll. When I 
objected and asked how a student can evaluate and then reject the 
master's thesis of another student, professor Gjøtterud immediately put 
a paper and pencil before me and said that if I did not apologize 
immediately and in writing, I will be out of the university at once. 

Your majesty, this is a crime under any law. 

5) In around 1995 I decided to bring all my grievances to a court of law
in a non-violent and democratic manner. But lawyers told me they will 
not represent me and risk their career because nobody can win a case of 
racial discrimination in Norway. 

6) I went to the anti-racist center in Oslo for help and advice. Instead
of helping me, the anti-racist center threatened me and told me to 
withdraw my case. 

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