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Zithia: Chapter 4 (standard:fantasy, 1183 words) [4/4] show all parts
Author: Elizabeth K.Added: Dec 05 2007Views/Reads: 2238/1626Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is chapter four to 'Zithia'.

When Star awoke the next morning, she knew exactly where she was at, of
course, because this was home. But when she walked into the kitchen, 
instead of her mother's warm face and wavy brown hair, she found 
someone else. Then everything from the previous day came flooding back 
to her. She was home, but in a different world and finally with her 
father. She missed her mother terribly, but never found the emotion to 
grieve. Star was just like that for some reason. She never found 
emotions to display in hard times. There just wasn't anything there. 

Star sat down at the round glass table in the kitchen, watching her
father prepare breakfast. It was one of her favorites: A ham and cheese 
omelet with bacon on the side. It smelled great, and it tasted great, 
too, when Star's father sat it down in front of her with a glass of 
fresh-squeezed orange juice. 

“So, I've been wondering, how do you get your food around here? I
haven't seen any people, and I don't hear any cars.” Star asked. 

“Well, remember when there were no microwave ovens, and no grocery
store's and stuff like that? That's kind of like where we are now. Not 
a lot of electronics, no cars, and I practically grow everything I 
need. There are chickens out back; that's where I get the eggs. There's 
also a trading town a few miles west of here, and that's how I get a 
lot of my meat, seeing as I'm not the kind of guy just to raise animals 
to kill them. And I hope you like your vegetables, because sometimes 
that's all I have around here to eat. I hunt a lot, too.” Came her 
father's quick reply. 

Star finished her breakfast and put the dishes in the sink. Her father
had left to go to something in his office, which was also his bedroom, 
so Star decided to go back to her room to go get dressed. She put on a 
pair of blue jeans and an emerald shirt, and slipped on her shoes. She 
went back into the living room to find her father already there, 
sitting on the couch. She went over and sat beside him. 

“So, about this present...” Star said, looking at her father hopefully. 

“I knew you hadn't forgotten. Hold on.” He took his whistle out of his
pocket and blew on it. Star heard it, but faintly. It was a sweet, 
quiet sound. Raine zoomed into the room, carrying a package about as 
big as a credit card, and about an inch thick, in her claws. She landed 
in Christian's lap and handed him the package. Christian quietly handed 
it to Star. 

“I found this about two years ago, at the same time I found Raine. I've
kept it safe for you, and now I finally get to see you open it.” He 

Star took the green wrapping paper off, which revealed a pure white box,
like the kind jewelry comes in. Star excitedly opened the box, but what 
she found inside wasn't jewelry; it was a green stone. But like Raine's 
purple, there was no other color like it. It was so pure, so rich. Star 
looked up at her father, a little confused. How was a stone supposed to 
make up for thirteen years of missed birthdays? 

“I know what you're thinking: ‘How lame is this?' But I know, and deep
down, you know, that this isn't just a stone. Do you really know what 
it is?” Her father asked. 

"No. Wait a's an egg, isn't it?” Star said, truly excited

“Yes. And not just an egg. Your very own minor dragon egg. I hoped that
you would come soon, it's due to hatch any day now.” Her father 

“Really? Oh my god. I never believed I'd actually have my own dragon,
let alone that they were ever real. No offense, Raine. Thank you so 
much!” Star said, and threw her arms around her father's neck and gave 
him a big hug. 

“Whoa. Hold on, there, before you strangle me to death. This also comes
with responsibility. You have to show me you can take on this much 
responsibility. Dragon's are a lot of work, you know.” He said, looking 
at Star. Raine looked offended at the thought that dragon's were too 

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