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Zithia: Chapter 3 (standard:fantasy, 1591 words) [3/4] show all parts
Author: Elizabeth K.Added: Nov 12 2007Views/Reads: 2242/1617Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
chapter 3 to Zithia.

The house was warm and cheery inside. The fire burned brightly in the
fireplace, and a teapot boiled on the stove. Everything reminded her of 
home. This house was almost exactly the mirror image of her home. From 
the paint on the walls to the carpet on the floor, it even smelled like 
home, although there was one different smell she wasn't quite used to, 
one that smelled like her father. He led Star over to the couch, and 
when she sat down, she knew she could be at home now. “You can sit 
anywhere you want, you know. If my guess is as good as any, you're here 
to stay, aren't you?” He asked. Star nodded a definite yes before she 
spoke. “Seeing as I have nowhere else to go, I have no choice but to 

“Now you're making it sound as if I'm making you stay. You don't hate me
for, you know, not being...there, do you?” Her father asked with great 
concern. He looked worried as well. 

“Oh, no. I didn't mean it that way. I've missed you so much. I've kept
every photo of you I could find since I was two, and when I was seven, 
mother gave me an old necklace of yours. I've treasured it since; never 
wearing it for fear that it might lose what connection to you it held.” 
Star said, rather hurriedly, for the last thing she wanted to do was 
upset her father. 

“I've missed you too, Sweetheart.” He said, giving her a kiss on her
forehead. Just then, the tea kettle whistled and he got up to go take 
it off the stove. Many people nowadays used a pot, or put there's in a 
microwave oven, but her family liked it better the old fashioned way. 

When the tea was ready, Star's father brought two cups and gave one to
her, taking a sip out of the other and then placing down on the coffee 
table in front of the couch. Star did the same. “Okay. Tell me what's 
on your mind.” He said, and Star replied eagerly. 

“Where are we? It doesn't seem like I've went anywhere, but then again,
it feels like I've gone everywhere. Everything is so different, yet 
alike in many ways.” She asked. 

“As to where we are, we are in Zithia. And yes, many things are
different (like the air density, for one), yet many things are alike, 
like this house for example. I built it in exact comparison to the 
house you were raised in. My guess is that the next question you were 
going to ask is what Zithia is?” Her father explained, as if he had 
rehearsed his story over and over for the past thirteen years. Star 
nodded her head and her father continued. “Zithia is, as well as I can 
put it, another world. It is another world, not like a planet, but 
another dimension, another whole universe that you could not reach 
without the help of Magic itself.” At these words, Star's eyes lit up 
with joy and a sense that she had been right all along, and that there 
was Magic, true Magic, after all. “Judging by the look on your face, 
you took after me. You read a lot of fantasy and fiction novels, don't 

“Yeah. That's all my room at home was filled with. Mother used to call
it a library, not a bedroom. I just wish I could have brought all of 
them with me.” Star said, a little sad now that she could no longer 
browse through her many shelves in search of some new tale to read. 

“If I'm right...” Her father said, trailing off before he finished his
sentence. “Star, would you come with me?” 

Star nodded in agreement and followed her father down the hallway until
they stopped in front of a door. Back home, on Earth, this door would 
have led to her bedroom. “If I'm right, the magic that brought you here 
should have brought along your personal belongings you had at home.” 
Her father said. 

“Well, there's only one way to find out, isn't there?” Star asked, as
she put her hand on the doorknob and turned it. 

She let out a cry as the door opened, revealing all of her precious
books, exactly as she had left them, and her bed, which still had the 
imprint she had left when she had been sitting on it at home. Star had 
to remember that this was home now. Her walls were still the same shade 
of blue they had been since she was four, and the same bedside table. 
Her posters and photo's where still on the wall. Star remembered 

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