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A Leaf in the Wind (standard:non fiction, 229 words)
Author: RimmerAdded: Sep 30 2008Views/Reads: 2923/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Another way of looking at life and death.

A Leaf In The Wind 

If you pray for anything from anyone, pray for this!  Pray that death
comes quickly, mercifully, and quietly.  When the time comes embrace 
it.  Whether it's an ending or a new beginning doesn't matter.  I have 
seen to many for to long linger on it's brink, and it's terrifying.  Do 
not fear death, but do fear the pain that comes before it.  Do not fear 
losing your life.  But do fear the ability not to enjoy it.  True, life 
is precious and should be preserved, but not at all costs.  The cycle 
must be completed.  It's the cost of admission.  We pay for that with 
our first breath and our last.  No exceptions!  The journey we take 
between the two is up to us.  It is our responsibility and job to be 
who we are, and to enjoy the tiniest of moments, nothing more.  We 
float upon time, with it, for only a short period.  Like a leaf 
temporarily kept aloft by a gust of wind.  However, sooner or later the 
leaf and us must land.  Our turn on the ride is over.  With any luck at 
all, we will have lived and enjoyed the ride.  Like the leaf in the 
wind, let us fall softly, quickly, mercifully and quietly to the ground 
when our time comes.  This is my only and last prayer. 


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