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Herth goes to Hell (standard:humor, 1070 words)
Author: timsterAdded: Jun 06 2015Views/Reads: 817/592Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A strange adventure, even for Herth

Herth goes to Hell 

The Falkland Island News Network is bringing you a special report with
Herth Gilmore.... 

“This is Herth Gilmore reporting from Sea Lion Island on a very
monumental day for the Falklands.  With me I have Dr. David Boganbroom 
to explain the significance of this electrical substation.” 

“So Dr. Boganbroom, how does this help the citizens of The Falklands.” 

“Well Herth, I can call you Herth, can't I.” 

“Well of course, I've been called a lot worse.” 

“Herth this substation will supply power to the islands that have never
had it before.  Imagine all the ranch area we will gain for our lovely 

“Thanks Dr., it is always about the sheep here.  They outnumber us by
how much?” 

“It's about five to one Herth.” 

“Hey look you extension cord is unplugged.  Let me fix that for you.” 

“Don't touch that Herth.” 

Gees, that was some kind of shock.  I'm still a little groggy, but it
seems I am on an elevator. 

“Hey where am I?” 

“You're in an elevator.” 

Is that a black sheep talking to me?  Sheep don't talk.  What the hell
is going on? 

“Where are you taking me?” 

“We are taking you down.” 

Now if Helga was to say that to me, it would be a night of magic. 
Somehow I don't think this is what is in store for me. 

“It sure is getting warm in here.  I hope there is air conditioning
where we are going,” 

“Don't worry about the heat, you will get used to it.  Just shut up and
enjoy the ride, because it is the last one you will get.” 

They sure aren't very friendly, guess I'll just shut up until we get to
where we are going.  It sure is getting warm in here, hope we get there 

“Here we are, it is the last time you will see the outside.” 

“Welcome, Umm, I don't have any paperwork on you yet.” 

“My name is Herth and who are you?” 

I really can't believe I am talking to a giant black sheepdog, never
have seen a pure black one before. 

“Well I have many different names, but you can just call me boss.  Soon
you will become like all the others.” 

“You mean I am going to be a black sheep.  Sheep aren't very bright.” 

“Well guess what Herth, that is your name right.” 


“What a stupid name, anyway the souls down here, weren't very bright in
the first place.” 

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