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The Scepter (standard:humor, 2275 words)
Author: FFCScripterAdded: Sep 27 2000Views/Reads: 3067/1413Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a short play, written entirely in rhyme, that takes the reader to the ancient Greek times, during the Olympic Games, where only men can compete, until.......

The stage is simply set.  A crowd of men, all wearing togas, enter from
stage left and congregate toward center, downstage.  They face the 
audience when chorus, stand stage left when crowd.  The women is 
wearing a different colored toga than the men, whose togas are 
identical.  The judge is wearing a black robe.  When undressing, all 
men need be dressed in identical clothing, preferably all white.  Hera 
and Zeus are situated on stage right.  They remain onstage the entire 
show, watching the actions of the others and eating from platters.  The 
set is simple.  A table is placed on stage right for Hera and Zeus, and 
there is a backdrop of blue.  When night falls, a black backdrop is 
lowered.  A spot is always on the woman, except when the gods are 
talking.  Center stage is a small arena. Benches are opposite the 
arena, stage left.  Different colored lights play on the blue backdrop, 
insinuating tine, mood, atmosphere.  When WOMAN first speaks, the 
entire stage freezes except MAN. MAN mimes reading a list of rules.  
The crowd faces his prior to this, and freeze facing upstage.  The 
WOMAN turns downstage during her monologue, then turn back upstage at 
the completion of it.  At the end of the play, the black backdrop 
should slowly drop in front of the blue.  It drops in an almost 
rhythmic manner.  It isn’t a smooth drop, but falls sharply each time 
WOMAN praises Hera or reinstates her power and equality of being a 
woman.  During the entire final monologue, Hera is standing down stage 
right, spotlit in red, and holding a scepter.  Zeus is lying on his 
knees, clutching her ankles.  They remain motionless for the duration 
of the closing monologue.  The curtain falls, and the red spot shines 
directly center stage on the curtain.  No curtain call. 

CHORUS:		Attention ye who’ve come to see the athletes play their games.
We’re ‘bout to start the sacrifice then shout the athletes’ names. The 
fire is hot and the beast is prepared to be slain for the almighty 
Zeus- A pig will be killed, and a horse, and a bear, and a chicken, a 
dove, and a goose. After their blood has been spilt and the smoke 
paints the heavens a mystical grey, We’ll sing to the gods, and we’ll 
laugh and we’ll cry, then we’ll finally call it a day. For tomorrow 
will come and the games will begin with the thunder of chariot wheels, 
Four races, the prelims, the finals, A WINNER!!  Then break for the 
afternoon meals. But that is tomorrow.  Today we must focus on praising 
the powerful gods. Hera and Hermes, Athena and, ohhhh, Aphrodite’s 
impeccable bod’. To Artemis, Zeus, and to Ares, then Posiedon the god 
of the Sea. Hephaestus, Apollo, ‘n Hades, we bow down to you all on one 
knee. Hestia stays in the hearth, Dionysus-promoter of Smut. And then 
Pan, partly human on top, but the back of a goat for a butt. 

JUDGE:		Enough with the gods, let’s move on.  Who’s competing? Hurry up!
It is late, and the daylight is fleeting. 

SPECTATOR1: 	Oh, be quiet! He was gonna soon get to that part. Have some
patience, stay calm, and relax, you old fart. 

MAN:		Listen up!  Here’s the rules:  Only men are allowed. For the women
are weak and we men, we are proud! 

WOMAN:		What a chauvinist pig, what an ignorant brute. I’ll win at these
games and go home with their loot. To do so would sure put a thorn in 
their sides. Whipped by a woman! I’ll tan all their hides. I must enter 
the games and be dressed as a man. Kick all of their butts, that sounds 
like a plan! When they give me the wreath that Apollo gave them And 
address me as dignified creme de la creme I will cast off my guise and 
those men will surrender. They’ll see that I’m part of the opposite 
gender. I must listen now close to the rules they declare. Did I hear 
that rule right, all the people are bare? 

MAN:		Again, I repeat, men may watch or compete But women must leave or
be savagely beat. If still they remain they shall die with the ram, 
Rent ear to ear, throat slit like a lamb. Now all men undress, become 
naked and free. If women remain they’ll be easy to see. 

WOMAN:		What plight is this that I find myself in? I wish only to show
that a woman can win. To stay in my clothing will give me away But what 
hope do I have when as naked as day? Dearest gods, I am yours to 
destroy or to aid. But I beg you, be kind to this crazy old maid. 

ZEUS:		Hello, now.  What is this that I see down below. Is that a woman
I see? Why it couldn’t be! No! The silly old hag has not left from my 
games. Did she not hear?  They are closed to all dames. Well, I suppose 

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