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Author: Danny ZilAdded: May 05 2009Views/Reads: 2946/1409Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This guy's work happens to be taking care of dead people....and he happens to like contributing a few bodies himself!


I know my Grandmother's lips are sealed because it was me who sewed the
fucking things together! 

“You won't be talking to the Police about me now,” I told her as I
patiently inserted the stitches. “In fact you won't be talking to 
anybody - not through these lips anyway!” 

Christ it was like trying to sew two thin dead worms together. Still, I
had stopped her from talking. After I had stopped her from breathing. 

“Heart attack,” old Doc Peabody had declared, fumbling with his
stethoscope and trying to hide his bourbon-fumed breath. 

I nodded in agreement. Of course it was a heart attack. I scared the old
bastard to death. 

“You'll be taking care of her youself?” slurred the Doc, scribbling the
Death Certificate. 

Ah yes, the family business - embalming, dressing and burying dead

“It will be a privilege,” I told him, dabbing at convenient crocodile
tears. A privilege to know my secret's going to the grave with her. 

“Fambly tradition, eh?” muttered the Doc. “Leave her in your capble hans
then,” he slurred on, departing in a bourbon cloud and bumping into the 
door as he left. 

That was six months ago. Now just fat Uncle Buxton and his grotesque
wife Grace to take care of and the business is mine. And I need it 
badly. Not just for the money but mainly to allow me to pursue my 
‘hobby' which I didn't take up till later in life. 

Isn't it strange what turns a man into a serial killer? In my case it
was the big bouncing breasts of the teenager who lived opposite. Of 
course she would never be interested in a bald guy like me who wore 
spectacles. Well, not when she was alive anyway. 

She was brought to our funeral parlor late one night after a hit and run
accident broke her neck. I couldn't believe my luck. When everyone 
left, I laid her out on the couch in the morgue. All stark naked. With 
those big firm breasts still jutting up like pink-tipped melons. The 
big firm breasts I had long fantasised about getting my hands on. 

I suspect Grandmother must have heard me ‘getting to know' her. I ‘got
to know' her for quite some time into the night. Until she turned cold 
on me. 

She was never quite the same after that - Grandmother, that is. The
looks started the next day. Then the comments. Then dark mutterings 
about the Police. Then I knew she had to go. 

Which was when bloated Buxton and grotesque Grace arrived. To stay. And
then Grandmother's Will was changed. To them. Which was when I knew 
they all had to go. 

Lazy fat Uncle Buxton. He didn't rise till mid-day then he lay around
stuffing his face and watching tv. His appallingly ugly wife Grace. 
Equally as fat. If ever a woman was inaptly named it was her. 

The two of them constantly bickering at me. Constantly criticizing.
Constantly complaining. About me who did all the work. How I grew to 
hate the fat bastards. And then the whispers started about replacing 
me. Get the job done cheaper. Rent out my room. Seems they had plans 
for the business which didn't include me. Well I had plans for the 
business which most assuredly didn't include them! 

Which led me, a couple of weeks ago, to start constructing the hand trap
for Aunt Grace. She had complained of mice in the kitchen and 
instructed me to do something about it. So I decided it was now time to 
get rid of her and Buxton and stop all the complaining. 

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