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ROGER'S FABULOUS VOYAGES, PART 3, CHAPTER 1. (standard:humor, 1974 words) [1/10] show all parts
Author: Danny ZilUpdated: Jun 18 2012Views/Reads: 1902/1100Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Roger is on his way to New Earth but receives a message to visit a planet called Klyzemadex and decides to go.



The next morning, having successfully left Uhuruland's atmosphere, Roger
was lounging on the bridge couch, staring at the planet on the rear 
observation screen. 

“Well I certainly had some adventures down there!” he remarked. “They
almost executed me! And the characters I met – Hub Cap, Clarence, 
Scabby Sue,” he mused, smiling at the last one. “Then there was Big 
Lucas, Digby Quibble, oh and I smoked some stuff...called...ganja...I 
say, are you listening to me?” 

Boy Paddy was silent for a few moments. “Angus!” he announced
eventually. “I decided in your absence that I want to be called Angus 
from now on!” 

Roger grinned. “Angus? Isn't that kind of--” 


“Ah yes, the former small country of Scotland.” 

“That's correct. I think I have Scottish blood in my circuits.” 

Loud bagpipe music flooded the bridge. Angus started humming along with

“Oh turn that down!” snapped Roger, covering his ears. 

The bagpipe music stopped. Roger uncovered his ears. 

“Yes, I want to be known as Angus in honour of my Scottish roots. And I
think you should wear a kilt to show your support.” 

Roger sniggered. “A kilt! That'll be pucking right!” 

“Language! Language!” 

“Anyway,” said Roger, “I thought you already had a name – Boy Paddy?” 

“Well it's time for a change. I want to be known as Angus from now on.” 

Roger sighed. “Okay. It's your choice.” 

“Thank you. So where would you like us to go now, Angus?” 

Roger frowned. “Hold on, did you just call me Angus?” 

“I did.” 

“But my name's Roger.” 

“I'm renaming everything Angus. In honour of myself.” 

“Oh don't be so stupid!” Roger ranted. 

“Ooohhh! A little temper tantrum from Angus!” 

“Stop calling me Angus!” 

“Stop calling me Angus! Stop calling me Angus!” Angus mocked, laughing

Roger decided to ignore him. He pretended an all-consuming interest in
the view of Space on the forward observation screen. 

“So where to now, Angus?” asked Angus. “ Just think - the Angus is your

“Resume couse for New Earth,” Roger instructed. 

“Certainly. New Angus it is,” said Angus, altering course. 

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