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ROGER'S FABULOUS VOYAGES, SECOND LAST CHAPTER. (standard:humor, 2927 words) [9/10] show all parts
Author: Danny ZilAdded: Jun 18 2012Views/Reads: 1312/1010Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Roger takes part in the BlackJackBoots Quiz Show.


A surprised Roger found himself on a stage in a small hall in front of
an audience of tough looking SS troops. Conveniently, they all spoke 

“Is this where all the screaming and groaning was coming from earlier?”
he asked Rolf. 

Rolf grinned. “Losing contestants,” he explained then he and Herman
strolled offstage. 

A few chords of brash organ music rolled out and Kapitan Kurty bounded
onstage. He had changed his uniform jacket for a glittery garish gold 
showbiz-type jacket which had the Division's crossed whips emblem on 
the wide lapels. The audience cheered. 

“Hi Kameraden!” called Kapitan Kurty. “And it's a warm welcome to
another edition of BLACK-JACK-BOOTS!!” 

“BLACK-JACK-BOOTS!!” yelled the audience. 

“Da-dar-a-da-da-daaahhh!” played the organ. 

“And our contestant tonight, all the way from a planet that does not
exist anymore – Roger White! Let's hear it for Roger!” 

The SS audience cheered and applauded. 

Kapitan Kurty put an arm round Roger's shoulder. “A bit nervous?” he

“Just a little,” Roger replied, smiling weakly. 

“No need to be. Tell us a little about yourself.” 

“Well my name is Roger White, I'm a Fleet--” 

“That's enough,” Kapitan Kurty interrupted, beaming. “No need to try to
get interesting. Like most quiz shows we specialize in a lack of 
integrity, don't we?” 

“OF COURSE WE FUCKING DO!!” yelled the audience. 

“Well let's get on with the show. Roger, we're going to have two rounds
of questions. The first round has some general questions, the second 
deals with just one subject. With me so far?” 

Roger nodded. 

“Okay, so it's straight into the first round...Roger, could you just
stand a bit closer to me so the audience can see you better.” 

Roger shuffled over a bit. 

“That's excellent,” said Kapitan Kurty. “Just use the bloodstains as
your marker.” 

Roger glanced down. There were some dark red marks on the floor. Fresh
red marks. He swallowed. 

Kapitan Kurty took an envelope from a small table next to him, opened it
and removed a sheet of paper. “Here goes,” he gushed. “Three questions 
for you, Roger. Answer two or more correct and you're through to the 
next round with the chance to win some fabulous prizes. Less than two 
correct,” he said, grinning at the audience who were waiting 
expectantly, “and it's FERTILISER TIME!!” 

“FERTILISER TIME!!” they screamed back. 

“What's that?” asked Roger. 

“Rolf shoots you. Your body is taken away and turned into fertiliser,”
Kapitan Kurty kindly explained. 

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