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ROGER'S FABULOUS VOYAGES, LAST CHAPTER. (standard:humor, 678 words) [10/10] show all parts
Author: Danny ZilAdded: Jun 18 2012Views/Reads: 1342/800Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Roger, Thropely, Doris and Stan manage to escape from Klyzemadex. Press Review of Roger's Fabulous Voyages.


A mere two hours later, Roger finally arrived back at his Ship. When
he'd found the patch of jungle, he'd allowed his experienced Pilot's 
instinct to guide him however had entered at the wrong end. So much for 
his his experienced Pilot's instinct. There followed a long tramp 
through the steamy greenery during which time he kept stepping on to 
things on the jungle floor. Squishy squelchy things that screeched when 
he stepped on them, spurting up green and yellow goo. Eventually he 
reached his Ship. 

It was a weary Roger who finally strolled into the Bridge to pats on the
back from Thropely and Stan and a hug from Doris. 

“Welcome back, Captain White!” announced Angus the Computer. 

“Thanks,” said Roger, slumping on to a couch. 

“Ye look exhausted, love,” said Doris. 

“I am,” agreed Roger. “I got lost coming through the jungle.” 

Angus sniggered sympathetically. 

“How did you get into the Ship?” Roger asked Thropely. 

“Ah, that was me,” Angus told him. “When these people explained that
they were friends of yours and were leaving with you, I decided to 
allow them in.” 

“Just in case any patrollin Germans saw us,” added Stan. 

“That's alright then,” said Roger. 

“So what happened after Germans took ye, lad?” Thropely asked. 

Briefly Roger explained about Kapitan Kurt, the BlackJackBoots Quiz Show
and the film scene. 

“Ah well, at least ye got here safely,” remarked Doris. 

“Oh by the way, lad,” said Thropely, “while we were waitin, me an Stan
took a look at yer main Drive engine.” 

“Oh yes?” said Roger. 

“We noticed a slight malfunction in the Variable Helium Choke Ioniser in
the Booster Quadrant o the Atomised Delivery Unit for the Ultra 
Destabilisin Compressor. We sorted it out. Hope ye don't mind.” 

“Not at all,” said Roger. “I was going to do it myself anyway.” 

Angus laughed derisively. “You don't even know where it is,” he mocked. 

Roger grinned smugly. “Of course I do,” he said. “It's under the
Variating Starboard Phlange Converter Adjuster.” 

Angus gritted his circuits. “So where are we going to then?” he asked. 

“That's a good question,” admitted Roger, sitting up. “I want to go to
New Earth but what about the rest of you?” 

“First thing is to get off Klyzemadex as soon as possible,” advised

“Aye, best get strapped in for lift-off then,” said Thropely. 

Doris, Thropely and Stan strolled over and strapped themselves into
seats along one of the Bridge walls. 

“How about coming along with me? See what New Earth is like?” Roger
suggested to them. 

“Don't think we'll bother, lad,” said Thropely. “Grammar will probably
be as bad as it was on Earth.” 

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