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Saponify (standard:non fiction, 598 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Nov 29 2012Views/Reads: 1666/821Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
If the turkey were to be deep fried for Thanksgiving, one would end up with lots of used peanut oil to be disposed off. Juggernaut advises Dan to saponify the oil to make soap, lot of it.


Subba Rao 

“How the bird came out on Thanksgiving day?” inquired 


“Good, very good, this year we deep fried the turkey; the skin 

quickly deep fried to seal all the juices, the meat was tender and 

juicy like never before when we used to bake for several hours in the 

oven,” Dan licked his lips. 

“Spent lot of money on peanut oil, right?” 

“Hundred dollars just for four gallons of peanut oil and the 

special fire hazard-free turkey fryer was worth it for quick time it 

took to fry the turkey not counting the juicy taste that's comes with 

it. The only downside was I have four gallons of used peanut oil to 

dispose it safely,” Dan looked at Juggernaut for a solution. 

“Saponify,” Juggernaut smiled at Dan. 


“Saponify the oil.” Juggernaut looked at Dan to figure it out. 

“What that means?” Dan looked clueless. 

“Make soap.” 

“Make soap with used peanut oil?” Dan looked perplexed. 

“Yeah, clean the oil by filtering to remove any sediment and 

make soap,” smiled Juggernaut. 

“How to make soap from peanut oil?” 

“Well you talking to a person that worked with oils for over 15 

years. All oils are acids, I mean fatty acids not the kind that burn 

the skin; veggie oils and animal fats can be converted into soap by 

adding lye or caustic, ” said Juggernaut with a condescending look. 

“You mean I can make soap out of used peanut oil from the 

turkey fryer?” Dan looked surprised. 

“For one gallon of oil you need one pound of lye to make around 

8 pounds of soap.” 

“Wow, you mean I can make around 30 pounds of soap from 4 

gallons of used peanut oil,” Dan looked all exited. 

“The process is not that simple. Soap making or Saponification 

is a chemical process one have to be careful in handling the caustic to 

avoid serious burns to skin; place one gallon of oil in a large glass 

or stone container, add your favorite fragrance and color, then slowly 

add small amounts of caustic while quickly mixing with a wooden spoon. 

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