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BATA (standard:travel stories, 524 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Jun 08 2013Views/Reads: 1417/914Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The name Bata is synanamous with shoes in India. Years ago, practically there is no town in India without BATA shoe store.


Subba Rao 

In India, the name Bata is synonymous with shoes. Bata shoe 

stores were everywhere; in big cities, there could be more than one 

Bata shoe store on the same street. Shoes purchased at Bata were known 

to last life time and Bata shoes were gold standard. If somebody buys a 

pair of shoes elsewhere, “why you didn't buy at Bata?” was the first 

question one can expect from friends and relatives.  Like army boots, 

the shoes at Bata were strong and sturdy and everlasting. Certainly not 

known for latest fashion or designs, the shoes at Bata were all look 

alike, the only choice was among the available colors and sizes. And 

yet people shopped at Bata for generations just for reliability. A pair 

of shoes purchased at Bata may last a life time with few street side 

repairs at a cobbler. 

“I never met a person with a name Bata, the only Bata I known 

was Bata shoe stores in India,” Juggernaut shook hand with Dan Bata, an 

insurance agent he just met. 

“Well, I never heard a shoe store named Bata around the Midwest 

anyway,” replied Dan with a broad smile. 

“Growing up in India, Bata was only place people bought shoes, 

I understand that Bata was a family name of a person who started a shoe 

company named Bata in former Czechoslovakia in late 1800 hundreds and 

quickly expanded to other countries in Europe and countries in Asia 

particularly in India,” Juggernaut gave a quick history of Bata shoe 


“Very interesting story about Bata; my own forefathers came 

from somewhere in Europe to America in early 1800's. “ 

“Are they were in leather business?” 

“I understand they were trappers.” 

“Well, in that case you could consider yourself a descendent of 

leather handlers,” Juggernaut tried to find a connection. 

“If you put it that way, I could be distantly related to Bata 

people,” Dan seems to compromise. 

“Well, you are lucky to be associated with a famous name like 


“I wish the name Bata was well known in this area like 

elsewhere in the world, certainly that would help in my insurance 

business. Does Bata still operate stores in India now?” 

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