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Red Apple Skin (standard:Fan Fiction, 729 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Jun 28 2013Views/Reads: 1322/943Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A bizarre experience of eating red apple skin told by Juggernaut's aging mother.

Red Apple Skin 

Subba Rao 

On a rare visit to his native country India, Juggernaut visited 

daily market to buy fruits.  The fruit bazaar was full of tropical 

fruits from bananas to mangoes to sweet sop and Jackfruits. What caught 

his eye were red apples, heaps of them all over the market. Only red 

apples, no green, yellow or any other shades, Like in other countries, 

there was no choice for texture or flavor. Apples from far north were 

transported without refrigeration to south and sold in daily markets 

for exorbitant price. Red apples were stale from bad storage, a bite 

into red apple was not crunchy or juicy but soft and starchy in 

texture.   Juggernaut bought few red apples for his mother who hardly 

buy apples because of its price, only when she gets sick, she may buy 

few during recuperation on doctor's order. 

“We are getting more apples in the market than before,' said, 

Suseelamma, Juggernaut's mother. 

“Sure, while growing up, only one or two vendors were selling 

apples in the bazaar, now I see apples everywhere though the quality 

was poor and prices were still exorbitant like old days,” Juggernaut 

started peeling the skin using a sharp knife and placing them in a 


“When I see you peeling the skin, it reminded me of an old man 

living next door when I was young almost 80 years ago,” Suseelamma was 

holding a piece of red apple skin and feeling it with her fingers as 

she spoke. 

“What about him?” 

“Well, several decades ago, apples were much more expensive 

than today, only rich and very sick consumed; the neighbor was very 

sickly old man lived alone and whenever I visited him with my younger 

sister Lakshmi, if he were to peeling an apple, he would offer us the 

pieces of red apple skin to eat, he always offered only the skin while 

he ate the flesh.” 

“That was the most bizarre thing I heard somebody offering 

pieces of apple skin; he must be either crazy or sick in mind; how 

anybody can offer fruit peelings particularly to kids, I can't believe 

it,” Juggernaut started cutting the peeled apple into thin slices to 

offer to his mother. 

“I don't know why he did it; he only offered peelings, he said 

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