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Thou Shall Not Fall (standard:horror, 10686 words)
Author: SiobhanAdded: May 03 2001Views/Reads: 2346/1405Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Fern, a night teen who can only sleep during the day, lives in a tiny suburban town where the residents are forbidden to wander out at night. Her curiosity and teenage rebellion gets the best of her and she disobeys the rules. What she finds is a group

Fern sat on her porch, boredom yanking at her thoughts.  She could hear
the waves slamming onto the beach but she was forbidden to see them.  
The local people knew not to hang out at night and for why Fern did not 
know.  But she did know, that she hated being forbidden to wander at 
night.  She slept during the day and awoke during the night.  Her body 
refused to let her sleep during the night. 

"Fern, darling, your father is all ready asleep and I am going to join
him.  You won't wander off into the night will you?" her mother asked. 

"Mom, you know I won't.  Sleep well," Fern smiled. 

"Okay, my little Fern, and keep your eyes open for anything weird," her
mother began to shut the door. 

"Don't worry, I won't let the boogey men get me," Fern laughed. 

"It is a serious thing, Fern.  People go out at night and," her mother

"I know, I know, and they disappear to where no one knows," Fern

"Okay, well goodnight," her mother went inside.  Fern sank into her
seat, boredom making her squirm.  Finally, she heard her mother and 
father's snoring become normal.  She jumped off the porch, ducked 
underneath the bush, and grabbed her rollerblades.  She slipped her 
feet in and stood up. 

"I'm going to have some fun tonight," Fern whispered then began to
rollerblade towards the small town below.  She arrived in the town and 
saw most of the shops were open.  She knew that the shops were run by 
people who stayed anywhere from one day to a month and not by any 
locals.  She decided to go to the arcade, expecting the weirdoes that 
were there at day to be there at night.  She rollerbladed in and was 
shocked.  There was only a few weirdoes but there was tons of tourist 
teenagers.  She found a centipede game and began to play vigorously.  
She was on the fifth level when she was suddenly bumped. 

"I am really sorry," a dorky tourist boy mumbled. 

"Just be careful where you walk," Fern replied and turned back to her

She heard someone say, "So, where are you from?" but she figured it was
not to her.  Then she was tapped on the shoulder. 

"I said, where are you from?" a husky voice inquired.  Fern turned to
see a teenager boy standing there.  He was dressed in black with a 
black duster. He had chains hanging from his pocket and a gold hoop in 
his left ear.  His hair was dusty blonde and he had sharp blue eyes. 

"I am sorry, I thought you were talking to someone else.  I am from
here," Fern smiled. 

"Really, how come I haven't seen you before?" the boy inquired. 

"I don't come to the town at night," Fern explained. 

"Why?" the boy questioned. 

"You are obviously not a local.  Only tourists would ask such a stupid
question," Fern turned back to her game, refusing to speak to a 

"I have lived here all my life but no one knows what causes the
disappearances and I was wondering if you knew?" the boy laughed. 

"No, all I know is that people disappear and it is at night that they
become missing people," Fern turned back to face the boy. 

"Same here.  My name is Brett and what is your name?" the boy asked. 

"I am Fern," she chuckled. 

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