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The Boy with the Robot Tattoo (standard:humor, 0 words)
Author: MayaAdded: Jun 21 2001Views/Reads: 2171/1308Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This was just for fun. Hopefully you'll catch the referrences to "Lost in Space". Maybe not...

"Holy shit! That hurts." Don winced as the needle pierced his skin over
and over again in unbelievably quick succession. It took every ounce of 
testosterone he had pumping through his body not to pull away from the 
artist's viselike grip. 

"Did you expect it to tickle?" the artist muttered around his cigarette.
The artist, Will was his name, had tattoos adorning his entire body, 
including his shaved scalp. 

"Come on Don. Don’t be a wuss." Judy, Don's girlfriend, a reasonably
attractive girl with dark purple hair cropped short on her head, a nose 
pierce, and several tattoos of her own, had been watching the procedure 
from a short distance away. "Your folks are going to go ballistic when 
they see it." She said this with more than a hint of malevolence 
dripping from her voice. She was delighted at the prospect. 

Don said nothing, but remained still, without complaint, for the next
thirty minutes. The outline of the robot design was completed first 
then color was added. Will continually wiped away the blood and ink 
with tissues as he worked, ensuring a perfect depiction of the robot 
Don had chosen. 

“There you go. What do you think?” Taking another drag on his cigarette,
Will then wiped the wound for a final time and allowed Don his first 
unobstructed view of his tattoo, located on his upper right arm. He was 
amazed at Will’s talent. The tattoo was an exact duplicate of the flash 
he had selected. 

“I’m thoroughly impressed.” He reached out to shake Will’s hand, but
Will just turned away and ignored the gesture. Don dropped his hand and 
turned to his girlfriend. “You like it?” Judy answered by locking her 
lips to his in an erotic kiss that ended only at Will’s insistence. 

“Hey! You two want to get a room for that. I’ve got a business to run.
This joint isn’t a hang out for horny teens.” Will applied a medicinal 
salve and a clear cellophane wrap over the robot tattoo. He then 
instructed Don in the proper care of his new piece of personal artistic 
expression. From behind a counter Will produced a credit card slip and 
Don’s credit card which had been presented prior to the beginning of 
the tattooing session. “I need you to sign this.” Don took the credit 
card and signed the slip. 

Don and Judy made their way out of the tattoo studio and into the bright
lights of the night. “Let’s go to your place.” Judy suggested. The idea 
of being there when Don’s snooty parents saw the robot on his arm 
appealed to her desire for conflict. Arm entwined in arm, the two made 
their way to Don’s car, a dark gray Porsche Spyder S82. ‘Only the best 
for Daddy’s precious son.’ Thought Judy with distaste. 

Within minutes they had arrived at the Robinson Estate. Don turned into
the drive and passed a key card in front of a sensor, causing the gate 
to slowly open. Driving to the entrance of the mansion, Don parked and 
exited the car, leaving the keys in the ignition. Zachary, the estate’s 
mechanic, would see to it’s proper care. 

Judy and Don stepped into the foyer and were greeted by Penny, a
longtime servant and now head of household maintenance, “Ah,” She 
exclaimed when she saw Judy. “I see you have brought your friend with 
you. Judy, isn’t it?” 

Judy with her nose in the air, responded. “You are correct.” 

“Well,” Penny said turning her attention once again to Don. “I will let
your parents know you have arrived.” Without another word she turned 
and left. Don and Judy retired to the library knowing full well Maureen 
and John, Don’s parents, would be retiring there as well. 

“Why did you want to come here?” inquired Don. “The night is still
young. We could have done anything you wanted.” 

Judy slithered up to Don, pressing her body close to his and wrapping
her arms around his shoulders being careful not to touch Don’s painful 
wound. “I want to be here,” she kissed his nose, “with you.” She kissed 
first one cheek then the other. Finally she began kissing his lips, 
sucking the life and breath out of his young body. 

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