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Untitled (standard:other, 925 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: CrockerUpdated: Jul 27 2001Views/Reads: 2595/1503Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Part I: A women is nearly raped; unlocking a long kept family secert. Please read and reply to

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" Will she be ok?" asked John to the woman. 

" Yeah, we should get an ambulance down here to check her out. 

She took quite a beating." 

" Yeah, so did the attacker," said the younger man pointing to 

the attacker who was lying on the floor. 

Soon the sound of police cars came around. And before long, the 

body of the attacker was lifted out of the house and into the ambulance.

John was just finishing his story to the police for the third time and 

was heading through the crowd of people when he meet the other neighbor 

who was standing next to his wife who were watching Audrey and her 

daughter hug each other in the front yard as the police questioned her. 

" Man she is a strong woman," said John. " Hey Dave, thanks 

about helping out, I couldn't have done it without you." 

" Hey, I was surprised that you even showed up. Who knows what 

would happen if you didn't show up." 

" Good-night Dave," said John as he walked past the crowd and 

headed into the front door of his own house. 

The sun glistened in through the window and beamed on the eyes 

of Dave's wife. She slowly opened her eyes and rolled over tried to but 

her arm around her husband, but he wasn't there. She quickly sat up and 

wondered where he could be. He wasn't at work because he had a day off. 

He didn't go to the store, for they had gone just the other day. 

She slowly stood up and stretched, when she heard the sound of a 

blinder down in the kitchen. She quickly grabbed her green robe and 

walked slowly and gracefully down the stairs, which were covered in 

light from the four over size windows that surround the stairs. 

When she reached the entrance of the kitchen, she found Shannon, 

Audrey's daughter, making a milk shake with Dave. 

" Dave, what is she doing here?" she asked walking in and 

watching Shannon stop the blinder. 

" Audrey had to go see the police today, and she didn't want to 

take Shannon, so I offered to take her for the day." 

" We're making milk shakes," she said smiling at the smooth 

chocolate slide into a glass. 

" Oh, I see," she said smiling at Shannon, " Dave why are you 

making milk shakes at 7:30 in the morning?" asked his wife as she walked

over to the cupboard and took out a glass. 

" Why not." 

" I was just wondering." 

" Wondering what?" 

" Why you didn't ask me if I wanted any." 

" Because you are just to sweet," he said wrapping his arms 

around his wife's waist. He was about to kiss her, when she said " Dave,

there is a little girl in the room." 

" Hey, she's going have to learn how to do this someday." 

" Dave, she's five years old!" 


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