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Untitled: Part II (standard:other, 2134 words) [2/2] show all parts
Author: CrockerAdded: Jul 27 2001Views/Reads: 1820/1682Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The sceret is unfolding, please read and vote!!

Audrey walked through the doors of the police station with her eyes
darting everywhere. She was terrified to be out side. But she does feel 
more comfortable for that the attack was inside her home, and  not 

She walked in found a police officer waiting for her. 

" Mrs. Cunningham, please come this way," said a female officer 

leading Audrey into a conference room with a long finished table with
dozen of roll able leather chairs on each side. 

" Please take a set Mrs. Cunningham," she said pointing to a black set. 

" Audrey, please." 

" Ok, Audrey, how old are you." 

" 27." 

" Birth date 6/14/73," she replied lifting a strand of her hair 

behind her ears. 

" How long have you lived in Atlanta." 

" Ever since my daughter was born." 

" How old is your daughter?" 

" Five." 

" The father?" 

" Why are you asking these questions, don't you know I was almost rapped
last night in my own dame home. With my daughter in her room listening 
to me scream, and cry and not being able to do anything," screamed 
Audrey throwing the glass of ice water which sat in frount of her, 
across the room. Then she slammed her face into her hands and laid her 
head down and began to weep. 

" Oh Audrey, I know I can't feel the way you do, but I understand.
You're right, maybe you should come back another time. 

" We were married in 1990. I was only eighteen. I was young and 

foolish, I got pregnet in 1993, and Shannon was born in 1994. When the
father found out that I was pregnet, he freacked out, and I haven't 
seen him since. He doesn't even call or send her a birthday card," she 
whispered. " I hate him." 

" Ok, thanks. Now, this might be hard, but describe what happened step
by step." 

Audrey sighed and took a deep breath and said " It was eight- thirty,
and I had just put Shannon to bed, and told her I loved her. Then I 
walked out, and turned the television on to watch what was happening 
with the president campaign. It was around nine-thirty when I switched 
off the television. I got up and stretched and walked over to the 
refrigerator to get a quick swig off orange juice. I was just putting 
the container away and was about to close the door, when I heard the 
frount door quietly close. My instinct quickly kicked in, and I knew 
something was wrong. I quickly walked around the corner to see who it 
was. I didn't see anybody, but I suddenly felt a quick urge to run, and 
I was about to, when I was grabbed around the waist. I quickly let out 

terrified scream. The hold was a strong, secure bind around my waist. 

The attacker whispered " shut-up, and I won't hurt the little girl in 

the bed room." I quickly shut up, then he quickly started to pull me 

into the living room. But I freacked out, and I elbowed him in the 

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