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Untitled (standard:other, 925 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: CrockerUpdated: Jul 27 2001Views/Reads: 2563/1479Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Part I: A women is nearly raped; unlocking a long kept family secert. Please read and reply to

Lights switched on next door from the sounds of screams and breaking 

glass. An old man jumped out of bed and grabbed his robe and the 

baseball bat he kept next to the bedroom door. He quickly ran down the 

stairs toward the front door. As he ran outside into the hard blowing 

wind, the screaming and cries grew loader. 

The neighbor hurried to the next house's front door to find it 

broken in. He found vases and picture frames broken along the floor. The

old man slowly walked it with the bat held high ready to swing at any 

sudden movement. He heard a female voice scream and cry. The old man 

came along side of the wall that hid him from the attacker. He was about

to step in, when he saw the other neighbor come in with his pajama pants

on and his undershirt on. He quickly walked the opposite way to get 

behind the attacker. The old man peeked around the corner and saw the 

other neighbor looking at the attack who had the young vermilion woman, 

about 27, penned on the floor with her legs spread apart and his hand 

taking off his pants. 

The younger neighbor walked up and quickly pulled the attacker 

off the beautiful young woman who was crying so hard she was becoming 

weaker. He quickly threw him into the wall. The attacker tumbled to the 

floor with a picture falling on his head. 

" Audrey are you ok?" asked the old man who was helping her to set up. 

" Get away from me," she screamed pushing the helping man away. 

" Audrey it's ok, it's me, John, from next door." 

" John, leave her to me," said the younger neighbor's wife who 

quickly walked in sat next to her and hugged her. " It's over, it's
going to be ok." 

All of a sudden the younger neighbor was kicked into the wall 

and the attacker got up and was about to take off, when John jumped on 

his back and pulled him to the ground. The attacker quickly rolled John 

off of him, and got back up. Then the sound of a cracking back filled 

the air and the attacker crumbled the ground with his back crushed. John

looked up behind him and saw the younger neighbor kneel down next to the

unconscious attacker. 

" Mommy," cried a young voice from a back room. 

John looked over at Audrey who was calming down and whipping 

away the tears. She slowly got up and slowly walked to her crying child.

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