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Alone on a Island (standard:adventure, 1507 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: CrockerUpdated: Jul 19 2001Views/Reads: 3877/1655Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The first story to an exciting series about love, friendship, and freedom.



I remember the day we had a war. I was out picking apples for my mother.
When I heard a gun shot, and I ran over to the cliff to see what 
happened. To my surprise my father was dead. Then I saw some boats 
coming to shore. In the boats I saw White men. I ran to tell my village 
that my father has been shot. I forgot my apples on the cliff when I 
got back to my home my people were gone. I think they heard the gun 
shot too. I found my brother running to the cliff. He stopped and to 
talk to me. 

"Alexis what happened to Dad?" he asked. 

"He was shot while I was picking apples. Where is every body?" I asked. 

"They were caught by white men." 

"Where were you by the way?" I asked flipping my brownish blond hair out
of my face 

"I was in the cave to find you. Lets go back to the cliff to see 

what happened," suggested Otis. 

When we got there we saw noting but blood and bodies. I was upset that
the white men killed some of my people. My sister Liz was dead. Otis 
and I were alone on a Island. 

We went back to our house after an hour. 

Otis said "We better get some fish or we can starve, and too be
completely honest, I don't want to end up like the rest of our people." 

"I will get some water and fish. While you go hunt for deer. And do be
careful, I don't want to loose you too". 

On my way to the river, the light from the sun filtered thought the
trees, and glistened off the water. 

When I got to the river I was walking over a rock, when I felt a sudden
pain in my ankle. I looked down and saw a non-poisonous a big snake 
slithering away. When the pain came too intense, I scream aloud. 

Down by the village, Otis heard the scream of his sister. He dropped
what he was doing and took off towards the sound of the screaming girl. 

Alexis saw Otis running to see what had happened. When he saw the
puncture wounds, he asked if it was poisonous. I shook my head, and 
asked him to help me back. He took me home and fixed my leg. 

" Can you walk?" asked Otis the next morning. 

" I don't know, but let me try." But when I tried to walk I fell on some
rocks. But it didn't hurt that much. 

Otis said "You might need sticks to walk". 

Otis walked along the woods, thinking, "great, she's older then I am,
and I'm taking care of her. Man, this Island sucks, I want to 

leave. But after, Alexis gets better." 

He found some sticks for his sister. But he also found some medicine to
heal her leg, probably dropped by a white man, while they were leading 
the captives back to the ship to be sold as slaves. 

On his way back, Otis was thinking if he would ever see his mother
again, he fell into a hole. Otis lost the medicine in the fall into the 

"Ok, it's been two hours," I screamed in the air. He's probably out

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