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Alone on an Island Part II (standard:adventure, 1945 words) [2/2] show all parts
Author: CrockerAdded: Jul 19 2001Views/Reads: 1801/1321Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Return to the Island- 2nd chapter of Alone on an Island



"Otis I miss the Island," I said staring at Otis who was pulling some
weeds. It's been a month since I've seen or even talked about the 
Island where our family, and people where captured and enslaved. I 
haven't seen or heard from my mother. 

"I don't, I hate it," he said scowling over this conversation. This is
all she thinks about he thought. 

"Why?" I asked curiously, I decided to take a brake and talk to my

"I just do, and don't say you don't. How could you still like it, we
lost our entire family? We're the last of the Sawannona's. Unless I 
produce a son, I'm the last one," he said making his position clear. 
Then he looked at me with worried eyes and asked " Alexis what do you 

"The mission, it sucks. All we do is work, and the women cook for the
men before we can even eat. And all we get is what is left over in the 
bowls. Otis one day I'm going back to the Island and so are you," I 
said making up my mind. And nothing was going to change it. 

"No, No, No," he barked back at me. " I'm not going back to that memory
lane. It's not the place for me. I don't hate it here, but I won't be 
here long. I'll probably be traded and sold to a good family. Besides, 
that's why we are here" 

He was so stupid. He hated it here, and was hoping that he could get
sold to a good family. What's the chance of that happening? We had a 
better chance of making it back to the island. 

Suddenly father Timbertoe came out. He was a skinny and bold father. The
leader of the mission, the big man on campus. Everybody hated him; he 
was evil and a mad killer. If he doesn't like what you're doing, he'll 
kill you. He did it to a friend of mine. 

"Alexis get back in the kitchen now," he screamed taking my arm and
throwing me on the ground. " Don't make me kill you. I like you. Now 
get going. 

"Ok," I screamed back at him. 

" Don't give me lip kid, I can kill you in five different ways with my
hand. Now get in there wash the dishes, wash the floor and help April 
with the cooking. Do you understand me? I will kill you, don't think I 

I walked towards the kitchen cursing in my mind. I walked past Father
Timbertoe and gave him an evil look. A look of hate, and a look to not 
under estimate me. 

When I got to the kitchen I found April who was a tall and skinny black
haired girl.  She was extremely jumpy and perky. 

I asked April "Do you like working in the kitchen?" I walked next to her
and began to wash a pot. 

" I hate it. I can't stand the grease, the smoke, the harsh conditions,
and not getting to eat it after I've made it. It makes me feel like a 
slave," she said. I decided not to remind her that she was indeed a 

Suddenly the door slammed shut, and Father Timbertoe stood in the door
way extremely angry. 

"Ladies the men are hungry and you haven't even started. Alexis come
with me," said pointing his finger at me. 

Great I thought, this is it, I'm going to die. Doesn't matter, I didn't
like it here. The second he takes his weapon of choice, I'll chew him 
out so badly; he'll have to get someone else to do it. 

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