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Man and Machine (standard:science fiction, 550 words)
Author: RenrakuAdded: Oct 14 2001Views/Reads: 2089/1318Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Man and machine come together for a brief moment.

Man and Machine By:  Kevin Hutson. 

<<Dialup Xyplex Version XV>> 

Login> zero Password> ********* 

Authorization granted. 

Welcome, Zero. 

--Due to threat of brute force hacker attempts, all non-essential
functions have been suspended.  Please contact the system administrator 
for access to any locked out functions.  Satellite uplink has fallen 
out of orbit, download times may be increased slightly.  Thank you  

Mail Inbox = 0 Mail Unread = 0 

Xyplex>  sdload instructions.log Satellite Download of 
instructions.log........Transfer Error. 

Xyplex>  sstatus Satellite Status of is unoperational, pending further investigation. 

Xyplex>  ls List Directory 

/de-ice /news /mail 

Xyplex> ./de-ice Execute De-Ice 

DE-ICE VERSION 1.3 beta 

Please enter location of terminal to de-ice:
Attempting authorization............retrying...............failed. 
Attempting brute force 
crack........failed......failed.....failed.....silent alarm tripped. 

Option?  quit 

Xyplex>  reconnect Reconnect to Server 

<<Dialup Xyplex Version XV>> 

Login> none Password:  **** 

Authorization granted, with administrator access. Welcome, <null> 

Xyplex> sstatus Satellite Status of is silent alarm has been tripped, all access locked 
out.  Re-entry danger.  Burner 1 and 2 malfunction. 

Xyplex>  suload instructions.exe Satellite Upload

Xyplex>  sexecute instructions.exe Satellite execute

Xyplex>  sstatus Satellite Status of is moving to geosynchronous orbit near (0415, 0312) 

Xyplex>  set option link binary = neural Neural connection set, now
ignoring binary and responding to neural instructions. 

Xyplex>  dinfodump instructions.exe Dialup Information Receive Buffer
Dump into instructions.exe............................complete 

Xyplex>  suload instructions.exe Satellite Upload of

Xyplex>  sexecute instructions.exe. Satellite execute

Xyplex>  ofeedbin Opening Direct Neural Feedback with 

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