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NaNa (standard:horror, 7529 words)
Author: MelazarAdded: Nov 27 2001Views/Reads: 2027/1631Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Ya say yer a loser and ya aint gotta job and have ta move in with yer sister? Well don't do it!

“Ouch! Goddammit that hurt!” cursed Bobby Lee.  “Thirty one and you
still can’t use a fuckin’ knife.” He said to himself in his best 
imitation of Sherly Red, his sister. 

Sherly Red was always putting him down for this or that. It wasn’t his
fault that in college he got talked into taking a major in Early 
American Herbal Lore. It wasn’t his fault he lost his job when he 
refused to get himself killed by not opening the safe. It wasn’t his 
fault he lost his drivers license for drunken driving after a party 
where he was served alcohol without his knowledge. It wasn’t his fault 
that he didn’t know that you didn’t wash colored  and white clothes 
together, especially in hot water. 

It wasn’t ever his fault! He tried and tried, but nothing ever worked
out for him. But NooOOoo! Would his sister listen? Show compassion and 
understanding? No! She just looked at him the way that sisters look at 
their pathetic brothers and would say the same thing ever time --- 

“What  have you done now?” came a demanding voice that broke him out of
his self pity doldrums. 

“Think a-the-devil.” Bobby Lee thought. 

The voice stopped, but he knew it was only storing up energy for the
final assault. The foot steps that always accompanied the voice started 
coming his direction, closer and closer. He felt the hair on the back 
of his neck snap to attention and the sweat on his forehead double-time 
it down his face towards his neck to stain the shirt he had just put 
on. His sister had warned him to keep it clean. To top it off, the 
blood from his finger was doing it’s best to drain as fast as possible 
onto her new table cloth, forming what he saw as the shape of a 
bleeding heart. 

Still the foot steps came closer and closer. Louder and louder. He could
feel the exaltation, the joy in each footfall. This was a cat ready to 
spring on it’s prey. He couldn’t take it any longer, he was gonna go 
mad! “Get it over with!” his mind yelled. 

Bobby Lee turned around to meet the dreaded and inevitable put-down. He
raised his finger to show her his life’s blood draining from the cut, 
which wasn’t his fault. 

Then he looked at the face of his sister, his landlord, is keeper, his
self appointed guardian. He winced. He saw what he knew would be 
there...... a grin. The type you just want to cut off and parade around 
the streets, and rightfully expecting to get a medal for destroying. 
But that would take self confidence, and that was one thing his sister 
had always told him he never had. 

The grin turned into a snarl, and the eyes he had never been able to
look into for more than a second were almost on fire! 

This was gonna make her day! 

“Ahh.” Came the first assault from his sister. “What have we done to our
poor little finger now?” 

Gritting his teeth, Bobby Lee tried to hold his temper and take what was
coming to him. “I cut my finger. It was an accident.” He said in a 
frightened whisper, while holding the offending finger out for 

Grabbing the finger rather roughly, his sister had just started her
inspection when she noticed the bleeding heart on her new table cloth. 
He wasn’t looking at her but knew instantly when she had seen it, cause 
his finger got bent back double on itself. 

“My table cloth.” She said with a perverted kind of calmness. 

“Couldn’t you just bleed over the sink? Or how about just not play with
sharp objects. Hmm?” 

Bobby Lee tried to find his voice, but it had retreated from the assault
as fast as the blood, sweat and tears. 

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