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Why I'll never be a part of society Part 1 (standard:other, 1550 words) [1/4] show all parts
Author: Thunder GodUpdated: Apr 29 2002Views/Reads: 2363/1452Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The idea is that I'll use this as a forum to explain to you all why it is that the world is messed up. There'll be more to come if I receive any feedback.

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Because the government regulates the entire broadcasting industry,
you'll only hear the government skew on a given issue.  So what? you 
say.  This doesn't mean anything to me.  Well your wrong.  If you'd 
been hearing the truth from the news media for the last two hundred 
years, you'd have a very different opinion of this country.  You might 
understand something about American imperialism.  You might have heard 
about imperialism in high school at some point but, you never heard 
anyone accuse the USA of it.  The US is the largest imperialist power 
in the world.  What do you think is going to happen in Afganistan after 
we take what we want out of that country?  We'll set up a government 
that is friendly to us and then we'll leave.  We'll pull out our troops 
and money and the country will collapse into chaos.  But you won't hear 
about that on the news.  But you will hear about how we've improved 
conditions for women in Afganistan.  I wonder how many Afgani women and 
children we've killed so far? 

I'll leave that point alone for a while.  I've gotten this far and I'm
really proud of myself for not swearing even once.  Although, it's a 
little disapointing that I haven't.  It means that I haven't gotten 
really excited about what I'm saying yet.  If you're still reading 
this, it makes me happy and it means that I've gotten through to you to 
some extent. 

Next, I want to briefly discuss the status that celebrities have in this
country.  Celebrities are not smarter or better informed than any of 
you.  They are regular people that work in a spectaclur job.  You don't 
know them.  What they do in their private lives is none of your 
concern.  Just because we've all seen them on TV or in movie means that 
they are special people?  We have to hear their opinions in politics?  
Bullshit.  Many of them are just as ignorant as you if not more so.  
You should hate them for having so much money and power.  Celebrities 
increase the inequity of wealth.  Every twenty million dollars they get 
for a movie is twenty million dollars that could have been spent 
feeding and housing the homeless.  These people are completely useless 
to society and yet you are all obessessed with them.  Who cares what 
they wore to the awards show?  Why do you care if they won an award?  
They're idiots and morons, just like you, only prettier. 

I'm going stop there for now.  I'm going to wrap this up and make a
couple more comments.  Look at your life.  Think of all the crap that 
you've bought in the last year.  Now think of how many of those things 
were necesary for your survival.  You literally would not be able to 
live without these things.  My guess is that you didn't buy many things 
that fall in the necesary for survival category.  That is wasted money 
and resources.  Companies spend billions of dollars developing and 
marketing products that have no real value.  This computer I'm using to 
type this, is not something I have to have.  It's nice and it's useful, 
but if it wasn't here on the desk tommorrow I would go on living.  You 
need to think about what is going on in your life.  Get in touch with 
what is really important. 

Now to get back to my title.  I'm not part of society by choice and
conscious effort.  You didn't kick me out for being different.  I left. 
 From the outside I'm going to affect change.  I'm asking you, by 
writing this, to change society from within.  If enough people realize 
that society is a load of shit, we can change it and make it into 
something that I and you would want to be a part of.  That is my goal 
and purpose in writing. 

And now to finish this for certain.  I want to ask everyone who has read
this entire diatribe to email me with feedback.  I don't care how you 
feel about this essay, just send me something.  I'd rather get twenty 
pieces of hate mail, than receive no response at all.  I'm trying to 
make you people think and if a don't receive any indication that you're 
thinking I'm going to quit while I'm ahead.  You won't see any more 
postings from me.  If you would like to hear more, even if it's only 
one person, I'll write more.  But you have to tell me. 

There.  Now I'm done.


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