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Why I'll never be a part of society Part 2 (standard:other, 1085 words) [2/4] show all parts
Author: Thunder GodAdded: Apr 06 2002Views/Reads: 1808/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The second part of an ongoing rant. Feedback is required.

I'm back for part two.  So far I've received an overwhelming two
responses from my readers and that's out of the three who have read the 
whole thing.  Thanks for all the support guys.  I'd like to get more 
support from you.  I know that more than three people at least started 
to read this.  You people that didn't finish part 1.  Go back and read 
it, all of it.  Then write me something about it.  It's anonymous I 
won't know who you are.  And for the one guy that was wondering:  My 
life has not been one long tragedy, I'm just fed up with people like 

I'm not doing this as some kind of cry for help.  If I needed help I'd
have received it long before now.  I'm trying to wake you people the 
fuck up to the realities of life.  I know you all think that everything 
is just fine and dandy in this world and that there's no reason to go 
changing things when there is nothing wrong.  You are wrong.  The world 
is very fucked up.  You just can't see it, because you've been staring 
at that stupid fucking television for so long you can't see past the 
living room window.  Wake up!  This world is so fucked up and so far 
gone that I don't know how we could ever fix it.  But I'm at least 
trying to do something.  I know that this is never going to reach 
enough people for there to be any kind of real change.  But it would be 
nice to see a few more people walking around with their heads pulled 
completely out of their asses. 

And so we will continue on.  I think that today I'd like to talk about
the American government for a little while.  I might have mentioned 
previously something about politicians being really rich and most 
people being really poor.  You don't think that makes a difference in 
politics, right?  Once again you are wrong.  Socioeconomic class has 
everything to do with politics.  How can someone who has bought 
everything he's ever wanted understand the plight of the average 
American?  The only thing he ever had to save up to pay for was his 
million dollar house.  How can he represent the interests of the 
classes below him when he doesn't even have a point of reference? 
Political attitudes are shaped by economics.  Rich people have 
different politics than poor people.  The rich want to protect their 
ownership of America from the poor.  As long as the rich dominate our 
political system legislation will continue to protect the economic 
investments of the richest Americans.  That means that the 90% of us 
will continue to get fucked by these elitist assholes. 

If you've read part one, you know that I like to jump from topic to
topic.  Thus, I want to talk about the feedback I've received again.  
This guy, who I won't name, wrote me this nice email, where he talked 
about how much he pitied me.  And then went on to let me know that I 
can email him any time if I need someone to talk to.  I wish I could 
say something in response like, "I won't dignify that with a response." 
 In reality I would like to respond very much.  In fact, I'm going to 
do it right here in my rant.  I'd like everyone who is anything like 
you to hear what I have to say in response.  Fuck you.  It's idiots 
like you that I'm writing for.  If you pity me then you've missed the 
whole point of what I'm saying.  Your so stuck on insignificant 
bullshit that you can't comprehend what I'm saying.  I don't want to 
hear that you feel sorry for me.  If you're going to write me emails 
and disagree with me then disagree with what I wrote.  Form an opinion. 
 That will require independent thought.  Tell me that I'm wrong and 
then prove that I'm wrong.  Tell me that we're not obssessed with 
celebrities.  Tell me that are government does actually represent us.  
Don't come to me like I need your charity. 

In response to your invitation to email you: NO.  You were not put on
this earth to try and save me.  I don't even need to be saved.  You're 
that one that needs help and I'm right here dispensing it.  I live a 
very happy life and I don't get bogged down by the same stupid shit 
that you do.  I don't worry that I'm going to miss something on TV when 
I'm on a date with my girlfriend.  I don't worry that my truck isn't 
cool enough, or that I didn't spend enough money on it.  I take 
pleasure in very simple things.  So why don't you take a little advice 
from me.  Find happiness in a woman's embrace or a man's embrace. I 
don't care.  Whatever makes you happy.  Spend time with that person 
away from other idiots.  Get a dog or a cat, some kind of pet.  That 
will make you happy.  Watch a sunset or a sunrise.  Go get drunk with 
your friends.  Do something.  Live your fucking life.  Anything and 
everything that you see on TV is unimportant.  You don't need the 
latest and greatest anything.  Be an individual.  Don't go with the 
flow.  Find your own way.  That goes for the rest of you, not just my 

That's all there is to it.  Start thinking about things in a different
way.  Do your own research.  Let the news media set the agenda for 
discussion, but you have to do the research and find out how much of 
what they say is crap.  Pay attention to politicians.  They are only 
out for themselves and they need people like us to rein them in and 
remind them who they work for.  Everytime someone tells you that 
America is the greatest, remind them of our many social ills. 

Once again, I need your feedback.  I want to know what you are thinking.
 If you think I'm wrong tell me why.  If there's something maybe you'd 
like to hear my opinion let me know.  Don't just read this and do 
nothing.  Assuming you read this far.  I'll go back to the top and 
throw something in about feedback now.  Since about three people will 
see this part of what I wrote.  That way people who've only read part 
of what I said might give a little feedback. 

There. Now I'm done.


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