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Why I'll never be a part of society Part 1 (standard:other, 1550 words) [1/4] show all parts
Author: Thunder GodUpdated: Apr 29 2002Views/Reads: 2331/1428Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The idea is that I'll use this as a forum to explain to you all why it is that the world is messed up. There'll be more to come if I receive any feedback.

Well here it is.  This is my rant about the world you live in.  I wanted
to write clever little short stories with clever hidden meanings and 
symbolizism, extended metaphors and all that other fun stuff.  Which is 
not to say I don't enjoy stories with those elements in them.  It's 
more that I can't say what I need to say within those confines. 

You may have noticed that I've titled this "Why I'll never be a part of
Society Part 1."  That is as simple as it gets and as complex.  This is 
going to be long so I think I'll do it in parts.  Before I get started 
I want to tell you now that YOU WILL BE OFFENDED.  I'll likely use foul 
language and I'll quite possibly say things that will hurt your 
feelings.  Knowing this I hope you'll continue with the rest of my 
essay.  If you stop reading here I understand.  The truth hurts. 

So lets get started.  Lets quickly define society and list a few
characteristics of American society.  A society is created when a group 
of people who all live in a geographic area begin to socialize.  
Suddenly, there is a consciousness that we belong to this group.  We 
start to share common values and beliefs and from there its all down 
hill.  American society is characterized by things such as television, 
celebrities, capitalism, "democracy" (yes, the quotes indicate 
sarcasm)and the all powerful dollar bill.  Naturally, these few words 
hardly can describe the full scope of the American social experience. 

Now we're all on the same page.  You should have in mind the kinds of
things that most Americans would think of in order to describe 
themselves.  We live in a nation corrupted and fouled by a simple 
concept.  Stupidity.  That's right: you're all stupid.  But stupid 
isn't really the word.  Stupid implies an inability to understand 
something.  The real problem is ignorance.  Ignorance is an 
unwillingness to understand something, not being incapable of 
comprehension.  That's what it boils down to: gross ignorance. 

As an example:  let's go back a few years to when we decided that we
were spending too much money on welfare and it was time for reform.  I 
heard a lot of people and politicians say that we were wasting our tax 
dollars on food and housing for a bunch of poor black people that were 
taking advantage of the system by having a bunch of little black 
babies.  First, does anyone know what percentage of our tax dollars 
goes towards welfare?  I do.  Less than one percent.  Do you know who 
gets over 70% of our tax dollars?  The military.  Who is spending too 
many of our tax dollars again? 

Second, when people talk about welfare they always talk about black
people.  It's only blacks that are on welfare they say.  Do they ever 
ask why?  Could it have something do with the constant oppression that 
they suffered at the hands of whites that continues to this day?  I 
certainly think it does.  Also being poor has nothing to do with race.  
There are more poor whites in America that all the other races put 
together.  And yet we always talk about poor blacks.  It all boils down 
to class.  I know you don't think classes exist today.  We live in an 
affluent middle class society.  That's why more people are living below 
the poverty line than are living above it, right?  My third and very 
brief point is that most people on welfare use it correctly.  Only a 
small minority of welfare recipients take advantage of the system by 
having babies. 

But, how could you know any of this without doing some research.  These
statistics aren't hard to find.  I've managed to come across this 
information, why haven't you?  For this I blame the news media.  That's 
right those sassy news anchors that you've been watching for most of 
your life have been misleading you for some time.  I'm sure you've 
noticed that every ten to fifteen minutes during they news they break 
for commercials.  Commercials are how the television business makes 
money.  Commercial air time is bought and filled by sponsors, people 
who have a product that they are trying to sell.  These sponsors pay a 
lot of money for the time that they air their commercials in.  Now 
we've all been told that the customer is always right.  That goes for 
sponsors and television stations.  The TV stations will not say 
anything bad about their customers, a.k.a. the sponsors.  So when a 
company, whose product is made in sweatshops in Tailand, advertises on 
a station, that station will not tell you on the news that their 
sponsor is hiring sweatshop workers in third world countries to make 
your tennis shoes. 

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