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Mind of the weak (standard:humor, 499 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: GreggoUpdated: Feb 04 2003Views/Reads: 2378/1Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

hello hello hello hello? anyone? please? 

A few days ago the air in my head went stale. I tried to expel that
stagnant air the usual way, you know, with a q-tip, but to no avail. 
Maybe it is the world on the brink of war thingy. Perhaps the death of 
my parents last month has caused some stress as of late. It may even 
have been the fact that my fiance changed the locks and refuses to 
return my vulgar phone messages. Oh, it might have been that someone 
stole my car. Yeah, I think it's the car. Definately the car! 

I seem to be missing all of these things that I used to take for
granted; my parents, my fiance, my car. But how can I go about changing 
that? I may need some help. Any suggestions? I suppose I could buy a 
new car, ask somebody else to marry me, and go in search of a nice old 
couple to adopt this 21 year-old dropout, except that all seems 
somewhat too easy to do. There must be a challenge out there... 

Everyone I talk to reminds me to keep an open mind and a smile on my
face. A fucking smile? Gee thanks for the support, freak!If you're 
gonna be a freakin' advice consultant never ever let someone hide 
behind a smile. Here's my Dr. Phil impression: Hallmark cards are not 
the right place to steal words of encouragement! Smile. Smile. Smile. 
See how dumb it sounds. I choose to frown and I apologize if my 24-7 
frown frazzles you but I'll warn you that I've been dishing out 
I'm-sorrys faster than Mcdonalds spews out fries. But I'm sorry for it. 

Hey, I'll tell you what I will do! I'm going to draft myself, you know,
join the military. I'm sure they don't get a lot of grade 12 dropouts 
with a potential work ethic applying. I'm gonna join the goddam army 
and make something of myself. Maybe even an officer, wouldn't I make my 
new adoptive parents proud? I'll go to war and see the middle-east, 
maybe get a tan. ( Note to self: bring the SPF 30... is that strong 
enough? Note to self: find out if SPF 30 is strong enough for iraq). I 
really don't know my lotions. Do you think they'd give a rifle to me? 
They'd be stupid not to! Hmmm... wonder if there are any hotties in the 
army. Maybe I'll become a deserter, like when I dropped high school, 
and meet some fanciful muslim honey. Now we're talking. Ever make love 
in a tank? I wonder what that's like. 

My boss called me today, well former boss if you catch my drift.
Apparently you're not allowed to take a short week-long sabbatical 
without asking first. What was I thinking? Oh well it must be fated. 
Why, I was just pondering the army and now I have my sign. Tomorrow's 
the first day of the rest of my life.


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