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The Human Ring (standard:science fiction, 295 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: Frank JackleAdded: Sep 18 2004Views/Reads: 2405/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
In a world of scienc fiction and fantasy a weak minded man finds the one thing that could spell death for all humans.The Human Ring.

Terms: Temo-teacher 

Tempas-female teacher 

Inter-2nd level of school (Workers for Backa leaders) 

Led-3rd level of school (In Backa a Led is a leader. They can go to war,
make treaties with other Leds, etc.) 

Cont-Used as a ring to use for the Backa Backa-A “world” on the computer
that is where the kids train to use their rings. 


Nosh- person that sleeps across from, above, or below you. 

Beft-group of beginners that sleep in the same room 

S.T. or school time is different from regular time. Regular time it is
X:Y. To get the first 1/2 digits you multiply the X by two. Then you 
get rid of the: and you have the A.M. times. Then you just subtract 
1000. For example, lets say it's twelve- forty-three. That is 12:43. 
Multiply the 12 by 2 then replace the twelve with the answer. That 
makes 24:43. Then get rid of the colon and you get the time. (2443) Or 
if it were PM then it would be 1443. (2443-1000=1443) 

1040 S.T. - wake up 

1055 S.T. to 1205 S.T. - breakfast 

1205 S.T. to 1255 S.T. - attention games 

1400 S.T. to 1450 S.T. - ring class 

1455 S.T. to 1645 S.T. - fighting 

1650 S.T. to 1840 S.T. – games time 

1845 S.T. to 2035 S.T. - survival 

2040 S.T. to 2055 S.T. - exercise 

2200 S.T. to 2400 S.T.- Free time 1 

2405 S.T. to 2415 S.T. - lunch 

2420 S.T. to 2440 S.T. – first aid 

2445 S.T. to 2635 S.T. - politics history 

2640 S.T. to 2830 S.T. - war history/stategy 

2831 S.T. to 3055 S.T.- Free time 2 

3200 S.T. to 3220 S.T. - dinner 

3221 S.T. to 3859 S.T. - Free time 3 

3221 S.T. to 4000 S.T. - lights out


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