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Human Ring Chapter:1 (standard:science fiction, 2560 words) [2/2] show all parts
Author: Frank JackleAdded: Sep 18 2004Views/Reads: 1669/1177Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
In a world of scienc fiction and fantasy a weak minded man finds the one thing that could spell death for all humans.The Human Ring.

The Human Ring 

Chapter 1 

On the morning of the twenty-third Boshney was shaken awake by his Nosh.
“Come on stupid wake up! There is no way that I can sleep next to you 
for the rest of this training camp ‘Cause you never wake up. All you 
got is turtles and you are horrible with them, the SIMPLEST of all 

“Settle down, I don't like being by you any more than you like being by
me. I'll even tell the Temo that it was my fault ok? Just get off a 

“It's 1200 S.T.  (6:00 A.M..) Already I already missed half of breakfast
because of you and the stupid 2003 rule. Now GET UP!” 

“You know you're the only one that listens to that rule.” 

“That's because I'm the only one who respects the rules” 

“Whatever just go and get my Cont.” (2003 is just a rule that says you
must let somebody sleep at least five minutes after you are ready 
before your aloud to force then awake.) 

After breakfast Boshney had the attention games. All they do is they
have you do extremely simple and boring games. A lot of them are 
impossible to win or very easy to win. For each day you get twenty-five 
minutes to do each of the 2 games that you chose. The first game 
Boshney always does is Angelic. It is a game where all you do is design 
an angel. Boshney's angels are amazingly different from other people. 
Sometimes they are hellish sometimes heavenly and some time straight 
out human like. Always he was so amused with his angel, though nobody 
else ever was. Then after that he did the duck game. All you do is you 
have to get a stupid duck across the road fifty times in the 
twenty-five minutes. 

Today he had a really awesome angel. It was like a mixture of hellish
and heavenly or as he calls it hellvenish. That day he was really not 
paying attention to the duck. Usually he sort of paid attention but 
today he didn't move the duck at all. 

After attention games he went to ring class. Ring class is a class in
which they learn about how to use their ring, how rings are made, and 
the history of the rings. At ring class he had to sit next to Spark. 
Spark was, shall we say, discriminated against because he smells. 
According to Tang he smelled like a skunk that ‘forgot to take a 
shower. Whenever he was sitting next to somebody the person would move 
their desk away as far as they could. But Boshney felt sorry for him. 
Whenever Spark accidentally touched some of the people like Tang or 
Nerg they would scream or do something like that and then follow it 
with a long chain of insults. Boshney though tried to be nice to him so 
he didn't feel like an outcast or a loser. 

“Hey Nerg there's the skunk. Better hide before he kills you with his

“You would need to do more than just hide I mean you would need a gas
mask and like some suit to protect you from his toxins.” 

“Thanks for reminding me. Remember 1-800-Sparksmellslikeshit.” 

“Leave him alone.” 

“Oh sorry ‘mister you shouldn't do this and that and that'.” 

“Why don't you go and find a nice little hole to burry yourself in for
the rest of your life Tang?” 

“Cause even that wouldn't stop Spark's stench?” 

“Hey at least he doesn't make friends by makin' fun of others.” 

“At least Tang has friends. You have no friends, Spark has no friends so
I can only see reasons for you and Spark to get buried.” 

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