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A cry for help to nobody (standard:romance, 6706 words)
Author: ebonyAdded: Dec 25 2005Views/Reads: 2329/1526Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
it about a girl in 9th grade who meets a guy and he likes her, so they become friends. but when they go on a trip, thing get bad...

We all have at least one story to tell about our lives before we die;
this one is mine. It's a secret so lets keep this story between us ok. 
My name is D Mack. Since this is my story, I should stick to the facts. 
My real name is Dinah Bethany Afresh. D Mack is a nickname my friend 
gave me. I like it so I go by it. I hate my name. Dinah, who would name 
their child that, its ugly! Besides D Mack sounds so me. For the 
purpose of the story, I will call myself Dinah. Now that the formal 
introductions are over, I can tell you my story. Strong, independent 
and well brought up was not what I use to see. You know I was not 
always the perfect picture that you see here today. In fact, I was far 
from it. Now that I know who I am, I can be more real. It took me three 
years to figure out that I had to be strong to go on. Since this is the 
end my senior year of high school, I will happy to be out of the halls 
that bring me so much pain. I have everything back to normal and I did 
it all by myself. It all started about the first week of my ninth 
grade. The day that my ninth grade started. September 17th to be more 
exact. Because it was high school, it was all new to me. Of course, I 
still had my friends from eighth grade, but I knew I would make more. 
Being 14 was a difficult age my mother told me before I left for 
school. “Make me proud, Dinah,” she said as I left the house. As I left 
my house that morning I felt undeniably lonely, like nobody could help 
me or save me. Not that my family didn't love me, or that my friends 
weren't their for me, because all of that was true. When I needed them, 
they were a great help. In fact, without them probably would not have 
gotten through it at all. Let me explain. I use to be the type of 
person that was easy to get along with, nice to everyone. I would help 
anybody I could, if they needed help. That made me a sucker for users, 
but I was a smart girl and I would catch on to their games before it 
was too late to. I tried to keep those kinds of people away from me. As 
I entered the freshly painted Jefferson high school, I felt over 
whelmed by the business of the school. Since it was only seven thirty 
in the morning, I thought it would be more calm and slow pace, but I 
was wrong. I pulled out my schedule and went with the flow of traffic. 
Tempted to ask one of the girls I passed where my class was I stopped 
myself knowing I would never find it that way. I knew the tricks played 
on new students at any school. Before I could find my class, a cute, 
taller and older looking boy said to me, “ um... are you lost?” not 
knowing how to answer I looked at him and he smiled. A warm, inviting 
smile aimed at me. “Yes,” I said over the noise. “Let me see your 
schedule,” he asked and reached out his hand. I handed it to him and he 
smiled. “I know exactly where that is. I am going there follow me.” He 
handed me my schedule and pulled me through the crowd. As we maneuver 
our way through the crowd, his grip softens. He stopped and I bump 
right into him. “ This is it. Come on I will show you around.” “ Thank 
you. I think I can take it from here. Besides, I don't want to make you 
late for your class.” “It's ok. Besides, Dinah, this is my class,” he 
said and walked in the classroom. “Oh...” was all I could get out. I 
walked in behind him and sat in the first desk closest to the wall. He 
sat right next to me. “ Good morning students I am Mr. Dothan, your 
algebra teacher. We have a lot to cover this year and boy am I excited 
about it. Mr. Isaac King.... So nice of you to join us again,” said a 
little man I had not notice. He stood no taller than me and was as red 
as a cherry. He smiled at me and said, “Be careful Miss Afresh, he is 
trouble.” I smiled politely at Mr. Dothan and went to grab my notebook. 
At the end of the class, I walked out surprise to know that this was a 
class for eleventh graders. So what was I doing in this class? I mean I 
am a ninth grader in a class designed for eleventh graders. Since Isaac 
is in eleventh grade, what did he want from me? I should not jump to 
conclusions, but I mean he knew my name. He would have seen the grade I 
was in and Mr. Dothan did make it clear to the class that I was in 
ninth grade, which was very embarrassing. Still he helped me to my 
class and he made sure he talked to me throughout the class. What was 
the deal? “Where you headed?” “Um... Well I am going to B200 Bio. Why?” 
“I will show you were it is.” “Okay thanks.” As we walked, I asked him 
why he was being so nice to a ninth grader. He said he was trying to 
help. Then he said I was pretty. I said thank you but it made me feel 
uncomfortable. After my class, he was waiting for me. We end up seating 
together at lunch and he walked me to my next class. He walked me to 
all my classes for the day. He seemed to know many people and he always 
introduced me to them.  He was very sweet to every girl he met, 
including me.  I wasn't allowed to date and I told him that. He said it 
was cool, because he just wanted to be friends. I quickly agreed. As 
the year went on, we got close. I made friends with all his friends and 
he met all mine. He was like my big brother. We talked all the time. I 
mainly talked, while he listened. He was my best friend; I was his best 

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