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The Wall, A Christmas Story (standard:Flash, 434 words) [1/3] show all parts
Author: GreyBeardUpdated: Jan 24 2006Views/Reads: 1895/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This flash-fiction entry is part of a somewhat longer piece "Another Side of Life" about death, resurrection, power and beauty with a twist.

"The Wall, A Christmas Story." 

That night, that horrible night, that they brought Nick back - I sat for
the longest time  and stared at my wall - it was gray, yesterday, and 
grainy  sort of sad looking - crumbling and old just like Nick  but 
it was eternal too just like all the rest of this endless nightmare. 

I think I must have cried for awhile  sobbing to myself  trying to
control my temper  trying to not just reach out and remove them  
walls and all  the temptation was so great. In my mind I could imagine 
the horror in their eyes  almost taste it  it was  - so - so 

But I hold on  for their sake  my captors. God was with me, comforting
me, soothing down the inner flames  even when they joked about fixing 
up the wall  the gray wall  my wall. Even when they smeared Nick all 
over the wall  my wall  covering up the gray with his red blood  - 
they thought that was funny   so very funny. 

But I didn't let go  I just cried and prayed for them, for more
strength. It's so hard not to hate them, not to want to kill them. For 
just the briefest of instants, just a flicker of time really - there 
was small flash, just a little slip  and all cockroaches died. 

You see I had focused on one of them, it was crawling over a small piece
of Nick that had fallen to the floor  that bothered me  it made me a 
little sad and yet a little mad too - and well  then there weren't any 
left  - anywhere - anytime - not even one. 

I had thought when they killed his reindeer that I wouldn't be able to
stand it, the rage had boiled up  ready to serve  piping hot  but I 
held on   I had to help the children and all the little ones. 

Later ... the wall is grey again  my wall is clean  I fixed it  I
reached out and changed it ever so slightly  I could hear the atoms 
singing  the music of the spheres  the rhythm of my wall  here 

You see I couldn't let all those children down  I didn't do it out of
hate but out of love  I just rearranged it  so Nick and his deer 
would yet fly again and I didn't forget this time  I put all the bugs 
back too. 

And now I'm safe again here  behind the wall, safe from all of them,
safe behind my wall. But I haven't forgotten them. 


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