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The Room (standard:Flash, 323 words) [2/3] show all parts
Author: GreyBeardAdded: Jan 24 2006Views/Reads: 1337/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is possibly a presequel or a sequel to The Wall. I'm still not sure where the pieces fit together in Another Side of Life which is a longer piece I'm working on.

Part Two : The  Room 

It was kinda funny in a way.  Kinda ironic. Cause when  they first found
him , he was locked up. He was safe. They were safe too. But they 
didn't know that. 

He was in his room, high in the tree, sorta a treehouse. The treehouse
his father had made for him, after the incident at the wall. There were 
only windows,  six windows, one in each wall. There  weren't any doors. 
He didn't like doors. Doors could be locked, but windows could be 
broken. With windows he could always get out, but with doors  locked 
doors  he wasn't sure. 

When he wouldn't come out, they didn't break any windows. No, they had
torn down the walls. He didn't like that, but he was curious. What 
would they do? But they were foolish. They took him to another room. A 
very big room. A room buried in a castle. A castle high in the hills. 

In his room there were no windows. Too bad, they should not have locked
him up - in a place without windows. He hadn't liked that. They thought 
he was helpless in the dark. They didn't know darkness was his friend. 
They had hated him. 

They thought they were so smart with only the one  locked door. He saw
the door was lonely too. So he made lots of doors. Then  they truly 
feared him.  They put gas in his room. So he stopped breathing and lay 

They came to punish him. They tied him down. They brought their
instruments of pain. He tried to warn them. He endured the pain. He was 
patient.  He cried for them. 

All these doors must be locked they said. He must not get out. They
locked all his doors. That was silly. So  he locked all their doors in 
all their buildings. Then he opened only his doors. He left them. They 
followed. Silly wrabbits.


This is part 2 of a total of 3 parts.
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